Tuesday, 7 August 2018

When Paddington came to stay

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back to school?
I think there could be two categories here - those who feel repulsed at the thought of returning to that concrete building, and those who harp on about school days being the best days of their life.
Personally, I wouldn't mind returning. But it would have to be with all the knowledge I have now gained. Definitely, school would be fun if I wasn't so naive!
I also think I would be a completely different person if I was to be a pupil in today's world.
For example, I didn't used to have a competitive bone in my body. I hated sport because of this, and I kind of plodded away at subjects. Except art and English; I absolutely loved these lessons.
I still don't like sport. I'm sorry I can't get excited about kicking and throwing balls (except when England nearly qualified to the semi-finals at the World Cup 2018, although the wine may have helped the situation). However, nowadays, I do find myself being rather competitive at other such things. It's fair to say, I can't see the point in something unless I throw myself into it 100 percent.
At work I am so eager to please, and produce the best spreadsheets, that it's ridiculous. And I approach many things in this manner.
So, when my mum handed me the nursery school book, for Paddington's stay, I knew I would spend ages planning and plotting and organising. I was aiming to provide Tommy with the most marvellous day, with pictures to match.
“It doesn’t have to be anything big,” the nursery teacher informed my mum, “just as long as it incorporates something healthy.”
Hmm, something healthy?
Well, rather like a story board, I decided the day should begin at the beginning, with a healthy breakfast. Only Tommy refused to sit next to Paddington. There were tears from Tommy. Frustration from mummy. Peace making from daddy. It took a long time to take the first photograph. No the day didn't start exactly how I imagined.
Luckily improvements were made. We all spent a very pleasant morning at a local farm, strawberry picking. With a little competition to see who could pick the biggest. This was followed by browsing at the farm shop, for bread, cheese, berry juice, tomatoes and fruit, for our picnic.
I do love a picnic. Off we trotted to the local park, arms full with basket, blanket, football, and Paddington.
It was a lovely day, I was in my element taking photographs to capture the scenes.
And it all ended with reading Tommy and Paddington a bedtime story, about erm, Paddington.
Oh, and can I just say, our pages were mentioned and featured on the nursery school’s Facebook account. Apparently the team loved our photographs.
*Beams with pride.

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