Friday, 8 June 2018

Why do our eyeballs never fall out?

Nothing ever stays the same, does it? In fact, it would be true to say - one thing that never changes in life is that things often change!
I was thinking about this the other morning, as I was preparing for my trip to the hairdressers.
Mark and I were discussing Tommy's school arrangements. Eek, school, how very grown up! One day I am changing his nappies and pushing him around the village, the next I am planning his school uniform. Well, it seems like that. Time has flown by. Obviously there were quite a few moments in between, such as returning to work almost in tears, his first words, his first steps, his adventures at nursery.
It's another chapter of our lives that we are embracing. My manager has agreed to my appearance one day in the office, and four days working from home. I am over the moon with this new arrangement. On these four days I can walk Tommy to school and collect him. I will also be there to cook his dinner and bath him, before daddy returns home from work and reads his bedtime story.
I am so looking forward to a new routine. Currently, I am in the office three days a week, and one day I work from my parent's house, and one day I work from our home and my father in law visits and plays with Tommy. Together we all muddle along. It's not ideal, on the three days I'm in the office, Mark and Tommy wait for me at the train station after my two hour journey, and we arrive home at approximately 7pm. Yes this is a little late, especially for Tommy. I forever feel guilty for only spending an hour or so with him before bedtime.
This is why it's so important for me to be there for him during his next stage. To walk him to the school gates, meet his new friends, and be at home to listen to the stories of his day. And for him to retire to bed at a decent hour! Presently, he will do anything to avoid bedtime and stay awake, sometimes due to the fact he's had a long sleep at my mums, and sometimes (I suspect) just to hang out with me and play with his toys.
Absolutley this new routine is necessary and very much needed.
Thus, on the morning of my hairdressers appointment, as I waved bye to Tommy, I was reminded of a time we had to distract him when I left the house, for fear of him bursting into tears. Oh how much easier life is now.
I popped to the new M&S cash machine, the village has an M&S now, how very exciting and convenient. Although I've already spent far too much time and money on M&S products. I walked along our road, admiring the flowers blooming in cottage gardens and around the duck pond, and remembered the days I would push Tommy in his pram when I was on maternity leave. Now I push him on his bike and he chats away asking me such questions as, why do our eyeballs never fall out, and how heavy is a witches house? He has a very inquisitive mind and wild imagination!
I arrived at the salon bang on time, looking forward to catching up with my hairdresser, and the beautician who shares the premises. Again, my memory cast me back, this time to my first appointment over five years ago, when I felt positively lost without Tommy plus slightly exhilarated to be out on my own.
I was shown my seat, offered a latte, and then my hairdresser dropped the bombshell. The salon was soon to be turned into flats! No more walking along the road for my streaks and trim. No more escaping for idol chat and new look.
"Nothing stays the same," said my hairdresser after explaining her new predicament and freelance venture.
"Aint that the truth," said I.

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