Thursday, 3 May 2018

You've got jam on your face

Sometimes, I think we all need a reminder of how far we've come.
Oh it's easy to think about all the stuff you want to accomplish, and forget to congratulate yourself for the marvellous things you've already attained.
I certainly needed to be reconnected and reminded of this.
Because I asked a white witch for a tarot reading. Depending on your attitude as to this being baloney or not, I have always been fascinated with the strange and unusual.
And I quote, if I may be so bold, from the very white witch herself:
Maybe you feel a bit lost or lacking in direction right now, or maybe you’re experiencing some challenges, and that’s why you wanted to reach out to me, but these cards are affirmative; you have got this, you’re doing what you need to be doing (or at least you’re facing in the right direction!) and you can access the kind of life that you dream of creating – in fact, you almost certainly will.
I'll be perfectly frank with you, I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard these words. I realised how much I needed those words. Whether you think there is such a thing as fortune telling, it was certainly necessary for me to reflect on this crazy path I have travelled upon.
And why? Well, maybe this is due to the fact in the past I've experienced many barriers, stacks of set backs. I'm not trying to form a sob story, no one experiences life without a few disappointments along the way. Yet I seem to have created this unfortunate way of worrying about the future, as if I'm waiting for something to go wrong, as it usually does!
Therefore, my happiness report from my reading was just what the doctor ordered. Stop fretting, start enjoying.
My life is not perfect, let's face it, whose is completely perfect? Or maybe that's it, maybe I need to stop comparing myself to others whose life is seemingly preferable (with more money, larger homes, bigger families), and concentrate on all my blessings.
For my current life is definitely blessed.
I live in a pretty village, in a quaint cottage, with a husband who loves me and a boy who's healthy, happy, and an absolute joy. I have a job I kind of enjoy (there are things I now hate about it, I am sad to say), but the powers above have agreed to me working one day in the office and four days at home, allowing me to accompany Tommy to and from school. This is very important to me, being around when Tommy starts school, and what's more he has been accepted into the village school. When I hang my washing in the garden I can hear the kids singing in assembly, that's how near the school is, we just open our back gate and there it is. As if by magic.
And I have my vintage shop, I am proud of this and relishing the knowledge I am learning and the pleasure I am giving to others (and myself).
Thus, it is safe to say, as I sat in the garden one sunny morning, counting these blessings, eating my toast, and reading my tarot report once more, I realised my life is bang on track. So to speak. I am of good health, merry manner, and loved. I am achieving, I have achieved.
And then husband brought me back to reality, as he wondered why I was sitting in the garden, grinning like a loon, and exclaimed to me, "You've got jam on your face."

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