Saturday, 14 April 2018

When Tommy met the Easter bunny and other such traditions

I was determined not to allow the rain to ruin this year’s Easter egg hunt. Therefore, the annual event was an indoor affair, due to the heavy splattering of typically British weather.
I was left with no other alternative, it was time to improvise.
In other words, the night before Good Friday, I sat in the lounge, until the undignified hour of 1am, shredding green tissue paper (fake grass, if you were wondering).
Alas, the weather forecast all week was rain, rain and yet more rain. Okay, I'll be honest, I was merrily catching up with Coronation Street and sipping Pinot, whilst shredding and planning (in case you were starting to feel terribly sorry for little old me).
Usually I am tucked up in bed at sensible o'clock, so it's fine if every now and then I let my hair down. Yes, strangely, embarrassingly, tissue paper, Coronation Street, and wine, does it for me these days.
I digress, feeling a tad peaky the morning of the big day, I temporarily forgot, 4 year olds do not lay in, I decorated house and whatsapped my visitors 'due to the rain, the Easter hunt will be indoors, after sandwiches and cakes'.
The giant toadstool, the paper carrots, the tiny gnome, they were all placed strategically around our cottage.
There was nothing left to do, but wait for our guests.
As prior mentioned, after sandwiches and cake, I ordered Tommy and his cousin Will to wait in Tommy's bedroom, whilst I hid Easter eggs in as many imaginative places as possible.
Personally, I was disappointed that we were not running around the garden searching high and low, but honestly, I think as long as they found chocolate, the kids didn't really care.
Oh and Tommy met the Easter bunny the very next day. "Mummy, I thought he was a toy, I didn't realise he was real!" he literally screamed in a very excited voice.
This is why I love Easter with all my heart.

Part of the indoor Easter egg hunt.

Tommy and cousin Will. Friends forever.

Optimus Prime and bumble bee.

We spent Easter Saturday at Audley End, participating in the Easter woodland trail, followed by the steam train to meet the Easter bunny. My friend Eve and her lovely daughter (who Tommy adores) joined us.

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