Saturday, 17 March 2018

Tommy's first airplane adventure

Nowadays, my definition of time tends to be split into two parts - before Tommy and after Tommy. Affectionately hereafter abbreviated as, BT and AT.
BT, I used to go out. A lot.
AT, I rarely set foot outside the house without small child. (Apart from my commitment to the work place, which alas is compulsory to enable us to afford life.)
Not that I'm complaining. I am now with the opinion of, going out is overrated.
AT, Mark and I barely venture out together either, without small child. If my memory serves me well, AT we have participated in one wedding reception, one all day wedding (no kids allowed), and one very nice meal at Indian restaurant with friends. That's all folks.
Not that Mark and I mind one tiny bit. We are fortunate in the fact we have friends in similar positions, "Bring the kids!" they all say. Or, sometimes, only sometimes mind you, we socialise without each other.
Mark and I may not actually be bothered about date nights and such, but one date we have promised to always celebrate and make a fuss of - our wedding anniversary. And we are perfectly happy to share this with Tommy. In fact, it wouldn't be the same without him.
For our 5th anniversary we decided to visit Portugal again, which just happens to be where Mark proposed to me, and also coincided with Tommy's first airplane adventure.
Would you like to see my pictures of? I shall show them anyway.

The night before the airplane adventure to Portugal, we stayed at hotel near airport, due to very early morning flight. It was a charming hotel, stunning grounds, albeit noisy.

Have I got the best sister-in-law ever? Prosecco and card displayed in room, upon arrival.

And it was a huge room. Did I mention it was noisy? It was fine though, Tommy was beside himself with excitement every time we heard a plane, which was approximately every two minutes.

Tommy showing the camera his transformer.

Tommy and his first airplane.

Our fab apartment in Portugal.

Tommy made a friend. On day 1 she was shaking her head and saying no to his dance moves. Luckily on day 2 she forgave him.

And he made friends on the beach. Tommy is very cautious around adults but ever so friendly with kids. i like that.

Taxi to the old town.

Old town by night.

Our 5th wedding anniversary meal. Couldn't get them both to look at the camera at the same time.

Other nights out in Portugal.

Homeward bound, he skips when he's happy. I love it when he skips.

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