Saturday, 24 February 2018

Superheroes and friends

Because it currently feels as if life is set at top speed, I wanted to remember all the little moments that have passed since the beginning of the year. Happy memories with my Tommy.
It's been cold, but it's been fun. And there's been a lot of children's parties.

New Years Eve at my sister-in-laws. Just look at all those kiddies.

The day Tommy wanted to dress as the Gruffalo.

The first children's party of the year. Tommy thoroughly enjoyed the slide. I spent most of the time hiding from some of the adults. The thing with your son attending a nursery at the town you grew up in, you know too many people.

Another children's party. This was my friend Sophie's daughter's birthday. I used to work with Sophie and we used to jump around to The Prodigy on her sofa. Now we meet at kid's parties. This was a good party, I drank Prosecco.

I love this photo purely for the fact I used to do this with hula hoops.

This is George's superheroes party. George is Tommy's best friend at nursery, he's dressed as Iron Man in this photo and he doesn't look very impressed. We also gave up trying to get everyone to look at the camera at the same time.

Optimus Prime. Otherwise known as Tommy.

This is what happens when you ask Tommy to smile nicely at the camera. This was the night our friends around the corner and our friends in the next town came to dinner. It was such a fabulous evening. You know one of those nights you think about for ages afterwards, and goes far too quickly at the time? It was one of those nights.

So that was January and February.
March, I'm coming to get you!
Please be kind. And warmer.

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