Sunday, 28 January 2018

Are you bonkers?

"Are you bonkers?" asked I, in a rather aghast manner, to my friend.
Please allow me to enlighten you, I wasn't being sarcastic, or unkind, she is not really bonkers.
I was just stunned by her declaration for her love of January.
Because I hate January. The month where Christmas is officially over, and I must troop back to work with my tail between my legs.
January is the month I finally weigh myself and immediately regret it (and all the Christmas food I willingly scoffed).
It's the time where weather is gloomy, my health is usually poor, and my bank balance is ridiculously low.
"I love January, because I'm busy making plans and organising myself," said friend, clearly defending herself and my horror.
Hey, did someone mention planning and organising?
I love doing that!
So maybe I had this January lark all wrong.
Okay, it was time to spin it on its head, wear my rose coloured glasses, and look at it through another dimension.
Therefore, I found myself buying a 2018 life diary (it has stickers for reminders!) and a 2018 budget book, for my receipts for Scarlet Moss Vintage (I've stopped stressing about loosing them!). Plus superhero storage bags for Tommy's new toys. I was beginning to feel a little excited regarding my new love for an old predicament.
Especially after husband and I booked our Cornwall summer holiday, a 70th birthday weekend, and a pizza and cocktail night with friends (I am learning cocktails and ordering pizza condiments!).
Wow, I'm glad someone mentioned planning and organising.
I've also discussed my new proposal with work, in preparation for Tommy starting school in September. It's been a huge weight off my shoulders and was better received than I expected.
Yup, I've been so occupied with doing stuff that I forgot to despise January.
Now, I know I am not alone in my grumbles towards the first month of the year, thus, I've enticed customers into Scarlet Moss Vintage with a free new year gift. I think it's worked anyway, as it's been a record month as far as sales are concerned. And if I've cheered others with my new focus, then my work is done.
Happy New Year, dear readers.
I think it’s going to be a good 'un.

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