Sunday, 24 December 2017

I can't believe he is 4

I asked Tommy, if this year, he would like a Transformer's birthday party. It was Spider-man last year, Postman Pat the year before, and a circus theme for his first birthday (he was too young to choose the theme for his first birthday, so mummy stepped in).
His reply?
"I want a Transformers party and Spider-man and Captain America and Iron Man and Batman and Hulk."
He's certainly a little boy who knows what he wants. And why not aim high and want it all?!
My response?
"Okay, let's have a Transformers and superhero party!" (whilst frantically searching Amazon for suitable items).
So this is exactly what we did. Courtesy of superhero bunting from Etsy (I figured it could be displayed in his bedroom/summer fetes at a later stage), and transformers party supplies from Amazon.
It was worth every minute of searching and decorating and wrapping, to see his little face on his 4th birthday.
Nanny, pappa and dadda (dadda is his name for grandad as he couldn't pronounce grandad, and it's kind of stuck) were also there to celebrate.
Oh and it was my birthday too. I nearly always forget this fact!
I didn't smash my mobile phone this year but I did superglue my fingers together. Despite this, it was a fabulous day.
Especially when Tommy, whilst munching Transformer's birthday cake, beamed at me and gave me the thumbs up.

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