Friday, 6 October 2017

Then we all went down the pub

So I asked Mark if he wanted a party for his 40th.
He didn't want a party.
Well, perhaps I should explain here, we do not have a house big enough to accommodate such an occasion. And he didn't want me to book the local village hall. Nor did he want to do something which didn't involve Tommy.
Therefore, part two of Mark's 40th was spent at our local pub, with family and friends.
It was kind of a party.
Yes, I guess you could call it a summer afternoon party. With plenty of guests, a cold buffet, lashings of Prosecco, and a jolly good time by all.
It isn't often that both sides of your family, and all your friends, are together at exactly the same time, would you agree?
It was definitely a day to be treasured.
Even now, a few weeks later (okay, I'm a little behind), I often think about that day and just how great it was.

Everyone. We literally overtook the pub garden.

My fab family.

Mark and his mates.

Tommy and his mates.

Tommy and his girls.

My girls.

The kids.

When Tommy met Mia (my cousin's little girl).

My bestie and her son.

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