Saturday, 7 October 2017

Farewell summer

I am perfectly aware we are in the midst of autumn.
Unfortunately, I simply have not had the time to officially finish summer on FPE.
I must apologise.
I do, however, have a reasonable excuse.
Because I am a little tease, and a story teller (so I like to believe), I shall continue my reasonable excuse in my next post.
I expect you are quivering with anticipation. Or something like that.

For now, I shall leave you with my memories of summer 2017.

A personal favourite and a promised tradition - strawberry picking at our local farm.

Another favourite of my own and now Tommy's too - picnics at the local park. Even when it threatened to rain/did rain.

When the rain proved too much, we definitely had an indoor picnic.

The sun always shines on the righteous, and at my auntie Helen's birthday barbie. A cracking excuse to all be together again.

I arranged another summer fete in our garden, this time for my dear friend Eve and my beautiful god daughter (who Tommy adores, by the way).

Tommy's vegetable patch at my parent's house is coming on leaps and bounds, with special thanks to Auntie Wendy and her thoughtful gardening gifts.

The roof came off Tommy's plastic car, so we have called it a convertible. Tommy loved the new name.

The biggest Spider-man fan in the world flirted with the idea of Superman, as you can see.

Oh and he also decided he liked posing for the camera. He usually tells me to go away/stop pointing the camera at me mummy.

I'm so happy - just look at those smiles.
Alas, the posing phase hasn't quite lasted.
But at least I have my smiley memories of summer 2017.
And I sincerely hope you had a blast, dear readers.

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