Saturday, 23 September 2017

You're never too old to play hide and seek

As is tradition in our little home; the night before Mark's birthday I blew balloons, hung bunting and banner, wrapped presents and generally made the lounge fit for a birthday.
And not just any old birthday, a 40th birthday. Mark's 40th to be precise.

Another birthday tradition - myself and Mark book the day off work and enjoy the day together with Tommy. This year Mark chose to spend the day in London. Which incidentally was Tommy's first journey on a train and his first trip to the capital city. (We combined special birthday and Tommy experience.)

Tommy absolutely loved his first train ride. More than the big old castle that is The Tower of London.

We spent a lovely afternoon at St Katherine's Dock. When Mark and I were courting we used to frequently visit.

Mark and I don't do birthday presents to each other, we do meals out. Here's where we ate and what we ate, in case you were wondering.

Then we watched the boats on the River Thames and walked along London Bridge.

Three days a week, twice a day, I walk past a funky bar and hotel in London and I am always curious of its contents. So we decided to enter location. Tommy loved it as it had lots of old toys and weird things to play with. And lots of different areas to play hide and seek! You're never too old to play hide and seek as far as I'm concerned.

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