Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The one where Katy was pregnant

I think this year's Cornwall holiday will be remembered as the one where Katy was pregnant, with the first girl in the T family for over 100 years. I kid you not.
Or it might be remembered as the year Will fell on the long toy truck, and suffered a black eye, bruising, and a dodgy neck. The poor lad spent the rest of the holiday with his neck at a strange angle.
It could also be the one where we all got pied with double cream in our faces, thanks to a very funny after dinner game.
Perhaps even the year we bought blue lobsters.
Or the year it rained a lot, but we still managed the beach every day. And we are proud of that.

This year's holiday home.

St Ives scenes, with Tommy and Will.

We spent a lot of time at the St Ives beaches.

We also enjoyed one morning at the farm and visited Mark's mum's memorial bench. Oh and played pie face.

We dined in our favourite restuarants.

Plus, I got to see my friend Sarah who lives a not too far away car journey. We had lunch together, then vacated to a splendid hotel for cocktails, and Tommy played in the soft play area. All in all, it was another fantastic year.

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