Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Having a fab summer so far

"Who's coming to our house today?"
Tommy often ask this question. He loves it when I reply with names. He clenches his little hands and pulls his excited face.
Even if he is shy at first, Tommy loves company. When my friend Helen and her kids last visited, he ran to the bottom of the garden and hid behind a tree. But he was soon coaxed out and pretend spider webbing everyone.
Although once he did spend the entire time at Helen's house with his hands over his eyes, refusing to look at anyone. I guess he's more comfortable in his own home. I guess we all are, I know I am. I find it far more relaxing in our little cottage whether it's just the three of us, or we are entertaining.
I love entertaining. Even though our house is compact, I find the layout and size sociable. I can be in the kitchen prepping food and still part of the commotion in the lounge, as we have a doorway into both rooms. Or guests could be in the garden and I will have the back door open and still feel part of the same scene.
As I am a little stress head when it comes to Tommy and danger, it's important to me that I can keep one eye/ear on him from where ever I am.
This summer I thought it would be fun to create a fete in our garden. Twice we have been so fortunate with the weather, and Tommy has clenched his fists and pulled his excited face when I informed him of my plans.
It's something my nan used to create for myself, brother, and cousins, in her perfectly manicured garden. Thus, I wanted to recreate new memories in my own, with my own.
The observant reader will understand how much I like a fete.
Pictures below.
Having a fab summer so far.

Preparing the food and drink.

Is it a bird, is it a plane, no it's Super Tommy from a cannon.

Hook a duck.

Uncle Gary very proud of his catch of the day.

Lucky dip. Why do kids always choose the biggest ones first? (Can't blame them.)

Pull a string.

Lunch time. Tommy loves being with his cousin.

Dressing up tent.

It's a stick up.

Trying to beat the highest score.

Treasure hunt.

Tin can alley.


Fab friends.

Table for two. Tommy trying out his best moves. Might have to have a word with him about that.

Ice-lollies in the playhouse.

Until the next one! My god daughter and dear friend are due for fete part three very soon...let's hope the sun remembers to shine.
Summer, you're the best.

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