Wednesday, 5 July 2017

The unexpected picnic

It was a sunny Sunday morning. Tommy was playing with his Optimus Prime (Spider-Man, you have a rival). Mark and I were casually sitting on the sofa, catching up with each other and the television.
Scrambled eggs and hot chocolates were digesting, and all three of us were still in our jim jams.
Suddenly, Mark's mobile beeped.
"Oh no, we've been invited to a picnic," said Mark.
Allow me to explain Mark's dismay, for some unknown reason to man, he is against picnics. I always remind him that it's just food and drink outdoors, what's not to like? Weirdo.
"Oh no, not today?" said I.
Allow me to explain my predicament, I do not like surprises. I relish in planning and preparation, besides I was looking forward to a day chilling at home.
"Yippee, a picnic!" said Tommy.
Tommy is three years old and loves eating and drinking outdoors, he is also fond of surprises.
Seeing my son's joyful reaction, I was reminded that sometimes the unexpected is fine. Although I tried not to panic when I remembered I hadn't washed my hair yet, and we were due a big shop.
Tommy was literally bouncing with excitement, whilst I ran up the stairs to clean my hair, and ran around the kitchen to see what I could contribute.
"Katy said she's made enough food for us all," said Mark, in his usual there's nothing to stress about manner.
"We can't turn up empty handed!" wailed I, as I stuffed cold drinks, crisps, strawberries, cucumber wipes and a football into my brown bag. I sighed, it would have to do in the short time span.
Then I ran around the house, collecting clothes, throwing them at Mark and Tommy whilst ordering them to dress themselves, as I tried to squeeze into my floral summer dress.
Phew, it's amazing what you can achieve in half an hour when you really put your mind to it.
We had a fabulous day. The sun shone, the kids played nicely, and Katy packed a marvellous feast.
And Mark said he now likes picnics.
I repeat, Mark now likes picnics.
I am ecstatic.
Hooray for the unexpected picnic.

Yes Tommy is doing a funny walk.



Stick house.

Playing in the meadow.

Searching for the perfect picnic spot.

The unexpected picnic.

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