Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Happy birthday George

Anyone out there figured out how to be in two places at once?
Was that a big, fat, no?
I suspect it was.
Well, if I ever fathom it out, I'll be sure to let you know.
In the meantime, I'll carry on regardless, wishing it was possible.
For instance, on the day of the annual hog roast in our local village, it was also George Michael's tribute birthday in the village of Goring.
Because Mark, myself, and Tommy, visited Goring only recently, it wasn't really practical (or Mark's preference) to return again so soon. Plus, I had promised Tommy fete games in the church garden across the road.
Therefore, I improvised.
I began the day in my George Michael t-shirt.
I cooked scrambled eggs, whilst bopping away to Wham! and shouting, "I'm your man!" in my loudest vocal range.
Then Tommy and I discussed cake stalls and fete games.
Next Tommy and I held a pretend tea party, with vegetables and croissants, and a little George music in the background.
"Mummy, is this George Michael?" inquired Tommy.
"Yes it is," said I.
"You're not allowed to sing or dance to him," said Tommy.
He's very strict with me. Or maybe I'm just a terrible singer and dancer.
I peeked at George's Facebook page, with a heavy heart I saw the celebrations had began in his village. But I was also reminded it was supposed to be a day of rejoicing his music and the joy he'd brought to so many people.
I turned the music up louder and forgot Tommy didn't want me to sing.
He forgave me though, we played Hungry Hippo for ages.
As white balloons were released outside George's house (I watched courtesy of a live video on Facebook, from the comfort of my mobile), Tommy excitedly jumped on his bike and off we set to the annual hog roast.
It did not disappoint.
Tommy made friends with the local kids, they ran around the grave yard pretending to shoot each other. I chatted to the man from the antique shop outside the beer tent. Tommy and I ate too much cake and played hook a duck for far too long.
Happy birthday dear George, hope you were having a party up there whilst we were all missing you down here.
And I have decided, it is kind of possible to be in two places at once after all.

My tribute t-shirt. I wore it with pride all day.

My tea party with Tommy.

This way daddy.

Annual hog roast.


We decorated a gingerbread man.

It tasted delicious.

See you next year.

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