Friday, 26 May 2017

I'm going for a run

"I'm going for a run."
I love saying that.
Basically, because I've always wanted to be one of those people who say they are going for a run, but never thought I would be one of those people, as I actually don't like running.
I'm rubbish at it.
Until I realised you don't really have to run, so to speak. It's perfectly acceptable to power walk or jog, this is still considered exercise.
I am in need of exercise, big time. I visit the gym in my lunch hour, when I'm in the office. But I'm only in the office three days a week, and on some of these days pesky people slip lunch time meetings into the diary.
Therefore, sometimes gym sessions are not enough. I'm loath to admit it, yet I have to - I'm a little bit fat again.
Also, I owe it to Tommy to be the fittest version of myself possible.
The nice weather helps with this running lark.
Recently, it's almost stopped raining and that big orange thing in the sky has remembered to shine again. Perfect weather for me to walk to the bottom of the garden, open the gate, then walk along the alley into our local park. This can be done whilst Mark and Tommy enjoy bath time.
I can squeeze the last drop of sunshine into my day. The park is an adequate size to run/jog/power walk around three laps, whilst nodding hello to the dog walkers and other people trying to get fit. There is gym equipment, next to the basketball court, and I have even been known to use the cross trainer, once.
It is usually alive with kids playing football and kids riding their bikes. Kids also wishing to make their day last as long as possible, at least until they have to go home to eat their fish fingers and work out their sums.
And I get some 'me' time, before I read Tommy his bedtime story. I plan picnics in the wood (spied a great picnic spot whilst running), and take in all the wonders of nature, in between dodging footballs, and hoping I don't look more than a little bit fat in my pink top.
So, dear readers, it is that time again. I have been working from home today and prepared the posh fish and chips for dinner (mackerel, with sweet potato wedges and salad - got to eat stuff like this now I am a little bit fat again). Mark is off to bath Tommy, I'm going for a run!
Or power walk or jog, it's better than nothing though, would you not agree.
Until the next one.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Those who don't believe in magic, will never find it

Sometimes I chase giant friendly monsters, with bubble swords, or pretend spider webs.
On other days, I will eat plastic cakes, whilst sipping magic tea from blue and white spotted cups, surrounded by tigers and bears.
Then there are the days I fight fires and transform robots into lorries, after locking bad guys in lifts.
Or I just simply watch.
Either way, I could't be happier.
What a wonderful thing an imagination is.
I certainly encourage Tommy to use his, and if you don't mind me saying, I think he has a good teacher. For I have always experienced a weird and wonderful imagination.
And it sure beats working.

Teddy bear's tea party, with special guests.

This way to the chocolate froggies shop.

Massive fire station for Spider-Man, with a bed on the roof.

Chocolate ice-cream with rainbow drops from the ice-cream man please!

Fixing stuff in his playhouse.

Collecting sticks for magic wands.

Fighting fires. Look out for the traffic!

The big red fire truck, off to rescue the toys.

Spider-Man Tommy, before shooting his web at me and catching giant monsters.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

The universe verses me

I think it should be compulsory, that on your birthday you are not expected to attend the classroom or the office.
Your birthday should always be sacred, an extra day's holiday from the government.
If, for some reason, you had to attend school or work on this day, for example there was an exam or a highly critical meeting, you would be allowed to arrange another day to be absent, to compensate. But if your headmaster or manager insisted you were present on your birthday, or placed any pressure on you whatsoever, they would in fact be breaking the law.
You would be correct in thinking that I have thought about this. Quite a lot.
Yes I often fantasise with regards to laws and regulations, if I should happen to be placed in charge of this country, the world, or the universe.
Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on which way you look at it, I have no authority at all, so you are expected to be in the classroom or office on your birthday.
Alas, it would be frowned upon to book one's birthday off at school age (I was lucky, my birthday always fell in half term). But it's nice to know there is annual leave (schedules and allowance permitting) to book one's birthday off when one reaches employment age. Or to book one's parent's birthday, to be available for outings and treats.
I booked the day off for my dad's birthday last week. We also celebrated my mum's birthday, even though her birthday was in December. Allow me to explain.
I had promised to take her to Audley End House and Gardens, and for this we wanted to wait until the gardens reopened in the month of April. There is a method in my madness.

Allow the birthday treats to commence. (In other words, see my pics below!)

Audley End, one of the greatest houses of early 17th-century England. And the little piece of history for you - in about 1605–14 Thomas Howard, 1st Earl of Suffolk, took an earlier house created by his grandfather Lord Audley on the site of Walden Abbey, and rebuilt it on the scale of a royal palace. Robert Adam transformed this house for Sir John Griffin Griffin in the 1760s, while Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown remodelled the grounds, to create one of England's finest landscape gardens.
I can confirm, the landscape is glorious.

What a truly magnificent building, steeped in history, surrounded in a serene setting.
Audley End House and Gardens, I salute you.

Next stop, Museum of Power.
Housed in a former water Pumping Station, the museum contains a fascinating collection, from a working overhead machine to a petrol iron.
Not quite on the scale of Audley End, but a grand building nevertheless, with a charming backdrop of trees, plants and bridges. Some interesting stuff for the kids too, we had to find the robots to obtain a prize, and lots of buttons to press and toys to play with. Plus, the best strawberry milkshake ever.