Saturday, 15 April 2017

Things I thought I would never do

I never thought I would sit in a tattoo studio with friend, allowing a hairy man to scar my wrist, whilst we all sang along to Different Corner. (Classic moment, by the way.)
Especially as I had often declared, "I'm never getting another tattoo!"
Because I already have a small tattoo on my lower back. It was considered a good idea many years ago, a bond between myself and two very special others. They both chose a symbol for friendship to be engraved on their thighs, and I decided on a different body part and etching - a symbol meaning 'Enjoy Oneself' at bottom of spine. Trust me to be different. The occasion will forever mean everything to me and these words are one of my motto's in this crazy life.
Over the years I have often been asked if I would be tempted with another, and I've always said no. (How many tattoos do I need, that's sufficient, thank you. I used to think.)
But I wasn't counting on George Michael dying on Christmas Day 2016.
Since the tragic moment I was alerted of his death, when my heart shattered at the thought of a world without him, I have wanted to honour and tribute his magic.
Therefore, I found myself in a tattoo studio once again. This time with symbols from George's album cover requested for my wrist. A respectful memory to his music and very significant words - faith, music, money, religion, love.
My dear friend also braved the needle and now she has the same. I like that. I like the fact our day began at the garden centre following my pansie purchase, afterwards we frequented a cafe for breakfast, next we had matching tats. It's also another cement in our fabulous friendship. Oh and then dear friend drove us home whilst we sang along to George songs very loudly.
So my advice now? Apart from be very sure of your tattoo as they are for life, not just for Christmas. Incidentally, I am over the moon with my new addition.
My advice is - never say never.
Next week I shall announce, lots of times, that I have never won the lottery and perhaps I never will.
(You can't blame a girl for trying, can you?)

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