Monday, 10 April 2017

New chapters and smashed handsets

I don't have a very good reputation, with regards to mobile phones.
There was the one I misplaced on an airplane, one I dropped in an ice bucket, one I lost in the pub, and one I left on the back seat of a taxi.
Then there's the countless phones I have dropped and smashed. In my defense, it was Mark who dropped my most recently purchased, expensive, iPhone. I think I had been the proud owner of this phone for approximately one week, when Mark dropped it on the pavement. It survived but the screen was totally smashed. It was a two year contract. I was not happy. But I had to put up with it. It still worked, it was just very difficult to read.
Finally, I decided to pay £65 for the screen to be fixed. Then approximately one week later, I dropped it on our flagstone kitchen floor. It was actually Tommy and I's birthday. I had been taking photographs and running around like a loony, when I knocked my phone and it fell face down. I looked at Mark and tried not to cry as I said, "That's not going to make it."
It didn't. And I still had a year to pay on my contract.
So I'm now using my other smashed iPhone. Alas, I fear it's about to give up on me, as more parts of the smashed screen keep disappearing and text keeps mysteriously moving by itself. (Yes it is creepy and colleague and I have already invented a story based around it, The Evil Mobile Phone.)
Therefore, I've been saving pictures and thanking the Lord when each day it lives to tell another tale.
Consequently, I have stumbled across some cracking, forgotten times.
Like Tommy's bedroom, for instance. Memories have been stirred. It's reminded me that it's no longer a nursery, it's a little boy's room. A little boy who loves Spider-Man and fire engines and still doesn't sleep well.
Oh he sleeps a million times better than those frustrating, long, tiring, nights. Yet it's extremely rare he will sleep through a whole night on his own.
Still, I'll forgive him. Especially when he tells me how cool I am, and informs strangers that his name is Spider-Man.
I wouldn't change him for the world.

Welcome to the nursery. The sign was waiting for him long before he entered this world.

I've sat on this chair more times than I care to remember, feeding him his milk and trying to coax him to sleep/back to sleep.

Gradually the calming blues and whites were replaced with bright colours and toys. I'd forgotten about that tortise mat, when he learnt to sit he used to love sitting on there and pressing the noisy buttons.

Now his bedroom has a fire engine bed. And a Tommy sign on the door, we are trying to get him to recognise and scribble his name.

Fire station and police station house. A very popular toy from granddad last Christmas.

Some of his fav toys. The garage at the bottom was purchased from Mark and I on his first birthday. I'm sure in years to come I'll see many toys and gadgets come and go on these shelves. I look forward to each new chapter, and fondly remembering the last. No doubt I'll still be loosing and smashing mobile handsets.


A Joyful Cottage said...

Oh, how frustrating to have this happen to your phones. I'm so sorry. I love Tommy's brightly colored room. So cheerful. A perfectly wonderful boy's room. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the kind comment. You are a dear. xo

Amel said...

Oh NOOOOOOOOOO, Nikki, so sorry to hear about the screens. :-( I read somewhere that there are very strong screen protectors available to buy. Maybe next time you buy a new one, you can invest in something like that? It's like a regular screen protector, but made of much stronger material. The only reason I found out about it was because I got an activity bracelet as a gift and I managed to scratch the surface at work and there are protective screens for that, as well (though I didn't end up buying it).

I love the sweet memories and the photos. :-)