Wednesday, 26 April 2017

101 days

"Don't worry, it's only 101 days until the next official holiday," said I to my horrified colleague, as we returned from the Christmas break. (Not sure if colleague was horrified at the thought of 101 days until the next holiday, or the fact I had actually counted the days.)
I was referring to Easter. The holiday where it is socially acceptable to eat huge chocolate eggs every day. Not surprising, it's one of my favourite times of the year.
I'm also in love with Easter as it sits in Spring, a season sprinkled with blossom and new beginnings.
I am a huge fan of planning, so after I returned from the Christmas break, I wasn't too fazed at the thought of 101 days of organising eggs hunts and decorations and baking.
I set to work straight away. I ordered a Peter Rabbit tin from etsy and searched for Easter ideas on Pinterest. This kept me content for a while. Next, I ventured to the bottom of the white chest for Easter egg hunt props from last year (I needed to remind myself of the contents).
Please note, I'm not saying I prepared for Easter every single one of those 101 days, I also needed to concentrate on my job, keep the house clean, and amuse Tommy, but I did my best.
As Good Friday was fast approaching, the shops came alive with chocolate eggs, colourful tulips, and Easter bunnies. I stocked up on presents for the family and purchased decorations at car boot sales.
Tommy and I then participated in crafts, we sat at his little table and cut things out and stuck things down until they mildly resembled egg decorations.
It was all coming together nicely.
I bought Carbury's Creme Eggs for my colleagues, and baked cupcakes and made Rice Krisipie cakes with Tommy. A lot of these cakes were eaten before they reached the food fridge and the vintage style tin, as you might expect.
I invited the family to our house, arranged to meet a friend for lunch, and Googled places of interest for the forthcoming long weekend.
Then finally, it arrived.
Easter, you were worth the 101 day wait.

Good Friday lunch with Tommy, special friend and god daughter. Colouring in and cake were a massive hit.

Tommy would absolutely not take the fork out of his mouth.

Before Tommy said, "I really like Faith. I want to go everywhere with her."

Getting ready for the Easter egg hunt in our garden.

And we're off!

Afternoon tea for the family. With cakes baked by myself and Tommy. And lots of tulips.

Spider-Man and Superman. Otherwise known as Tommy and his cousin.

Sunday lunch at my sister-in-laws. The kids played nicely mid course.

Easter Monday was spent in a picturesque village, with another Easter egg hunt in and around the barn.

Searching for letters and eggs, using the clues, to unravel the name to win the chocolate bunny.

Found one!

And another!

Distracted by toys.

Very happy with his chocolate bunny.

Next, a walk along the river.

The pretty village that is Coggelshall.

See you next year, Easter! As much as I love you, I'm glad you're only once a year, as you and your offerings have not helped my waist line at all.

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