Thursday, 30 March 2017

The story continues

One dull day ten years ago, the story of Flying Pink Elephants began.
I can still clearly remember staring out of the window, feeling slightly unfulfilled, and deciding I liked the sound of this blogging lark.
So I was jolly well going to create one.
I had always loved writing and photography, hence blogging seemed the perfect way to combine the two.
I felt very excited, not that I thought my life was particularly exciting, but I was a fan of appreciating and recording the small stuff.
I also had a lot of time on my hands back then - living at home, a single girl with no responsibilities or commitments. Well apart from my career in publishing with its hectic press days, and then its not very busy days where I would stare out of the window feeling unfulfilled.
It was an episode where I didn't really know which direction my life was heading or when my true love would appear, yet the passion to write was burning bright.
Now I love the fact I have been able to record so many events along the way. Life changing moments such as redundancy, a new job, moving out of my parent's house into a friend's loft, meeting my future husband, moving in with my future husband, our wedding day and honeymoon, falling pregnant and Tommy arriving in this world.
Not to mention all the other bits in between - Chocolate popcorn cheesecake, an inflatable chicken slide, invisible happy dust and a physic octopus.
Let's also not forget all the friendships I have formed with people from all over this planet. Alas, as the years have passed, Instagram and real life have take over, therefore readers have dipped in and out.
Apart from my dear friend Amel. My constant reader from Finland. Last week she visited myself and London for the second time in two years.
We met in Covent Garden once again. With its quirky market stalls, live musicians and street entertainers, it's definitely one of my favourite parts of London.
It was marvellous to see her again, this time with her husband in tow. We met for breakfast then roamed around Covent Garden and the British Museum. Finishing the day at our favourite cake shop.
Thanks for staying faithful, Amel.
I'm glad I was bored on one dull day, ten years ago.
And so the story at Flying Pink Elephants continues.

Here we are again.

Covent Garden.

The British Museum.

Cake shop. Yes please! Lovely finish to the day.


Amel said...

<3 <3 <3 Thank YOU for having been a faithful reader of my blog, as well, Nikki. It's been quite a journey, hasn't it? It's one of the awesome perks of technology...bringing people close together from around the world. :-) Next time I definitely have to visit your lovely home. :-)

The World According To Me said...

Yes it has been quite a journey and it's been a pleasure to share it with you.
Always welcome to our home.