Sunday, 19 March 2017

The spring fayre

Finally, winter is becoming a distant memory and friend.
Daffodils are sprouting around the village cricket green and duck pond. The blossom is appearing on the trees approaching the fifteenth century pub.
Yesterday I walked to the village shop, for fresh bread, without my big coat.
I couldn't be happier.
And the Spring fayre arrived in a neighbouring village. It's become tradition to visit it each year, come rain or shine. We sample the free food, stock up on sausages, and browse around the beautiful grounds, admiring crafts and animals.
Then we finish the day in the tearoom, cheese sandwiches and cherry and amaretto pie, discussing our day and the treasures we discovered.
Naturally I take photographs to remember the day by.

Something for everyone at the Spring fayre.

Crafts and children's books in here. Mum bought Tommy a dinosaur book and I bought him craft scissors.

Homemade cheese for mummy.

Homemade beer for daddy.

I can confirm the free samples of pizza were delicious.

Tommy loved the windmill, due to the Spider-Man colours.

And Tommy loved the farm animals.

Local craftsman showcasing their talents.

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Amel said...

Free pizza samples? YUMMMMM!!! :-D Loving the photos. Over here there's still snow here and there and it's still snowing every now and then. At this time of the year, we Laplanders all miss the flowers in the yard ha ha ha...