Thursday, 15 December 2016

The one where I didn't miss my train home

I worked out (with no help from the elf on the shelf or anyone else whatsoever), that the last office Christmas party I attended was BT (before Tommy), with Mark (a time when we both owned a different sir name),and during a period in my life when my living arrangements featured a house by the pylon, with friend and big dog.
It was the one where Mark and I missed our last train, consequence being, we had to fork out for a very expensive cab journey home.
Then I lost the receipt to claim cab journey from HR.
Not that I was sure HR would have allowed me to claim money.
My argument for claim was based on; the coach driver waited too long for drunken people to leave party (I would like to add here, Mark and I left party on time to meet required scheduled coach departure), coach driver insisted on pleasing all drunken people and dropped them at places other than the designated train station, so Mark and I missed last train, from last designated train station.
I'm hoping I've now made a clearer picture - it most definitely was not our fault that we missed our last train.
Unfortunately, as stated above, I misplaced the cab receipt, in my drunken mood.
So I lost all hope of a fair trial.
What's worse, I will never know the outcome, due to misplacing my unexpected expenditure.
It will always be a mystery to me.
I've moaned about this for years (yes, really).
The year is now 2016.
I have decided to be mature and let bygones be bygones and attend the office Christmas party once again.
How about that for progress and forgiveness.
A round of applause please.
Or perhaps I just fancied a rare night out. With my great team.
One things for sure, this year I was safe in the knowledge, the office Christmas party was held at our London based head office.
Thus allowing me to be in charge of leaving the venue on time, and descending straight home via train only, thank you very much.
So I left Mark behind to look after Tommy. Not that this has anything to do with missing last trains, merely a reflection on life AT (after Tommy).
Okay, who agrees it's not a proper Christmas party until you've worn bright/weird wig and posed with prop for photograph?
It's one of my shinning memories of the night.
This was of course after a quick drink at pub beforehand, our welcome drink and mini burger (not enough food, my lame excuse), our drinks tokens and non drinking people's drinks tokens.
At least I didn't spend a fortune on a cab ride home!
Oh no, not this time!
Even if I did feel shockingly awful the next day and remembered another reason why I have avoided office Christmas party for the past four years.
Still, it was a cracking good night of beneficial bonding, starring a great bunch of colleagues.
Colleagues I feel lucky to work with and who don't mind wearing wigs and props.
The end.
I hope you liked my true story.

I love working with this one.

Here we are! Can you spot which one I am?


ChicagoWing said...

Yes, it's a good story!
I'm glad you didn't have too many problems and didn't spend so much money at your office party. It's probably nice to have a change of pace and see your co-workers in a different context than the daily routine of work.
I used to love those office parties! It's nice to get out and have fun with others. It's a lot harder doing so after you have have kids!

The World According To Me said...

Thanks ChicagoWing!
Yes definitely nice to see co-workers in a different context.
But alas, as you say, not so easy when you have kids!
Hope all good with you.