Friday, 30 December 2016

The December post

December, you stole my heart a long time ago.
Now every year I seem to love you more.
This year, the celebrations and expectations have been twined with the promise and excitement of Father Christmas.
And the elf. The mischievous elf who visits Father Christmas every night accompanied by reports of Tommy's good behaviour. Then he returns to our little cottage and climbs the Christmas tree, and other such fun places.
How could I not embrace you December, and the magic you sprinkle in our lives.

These are the best bits from our December:

A big Christmas tree this year, well bigger than the tree on top of the cupboard, as was the case in previous years. Can you spot the elf?

Cinderalla at local theatre, it was fabulous.

The day Tommy met Father Christmas. He went all shy.

Group picture. Tommy, daddy and granddad, with Father Christmas!

Christmas fair. I love a Christmas fair.

Handmade stalls. I felt the need to buy reindeer and Christmas tree pegs, and why not.

Tommy and the police car, at Christmas fair. He said it was his best bit of the day.

And the steam train.

Safe trip everyone!

I made Christmas cards for family, friends and my friend's tearoom.

Friend's tearoom, with the best cakes ever.

Tommy loves the rocky cake, and the toy box.

Every year I make the crackers and collect the tiny gifts.

Christmas Eve. Letter, milk and treats for Father Christmas. After the glittery reindeer food we scattered in the garden.

Christmas morning, checking out the snow from Father Christmas.

A very happy, excited boy on Christmas morning.

I hope you all had the best Christmas ever.

Brace yourself for the next post, things are about to get a whole lot sadder around here.

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