Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Teacups and scones

Something rather good has arrived in the village.
It's definitely my sort of thing.
And my parents fully appreciate it too.
Although Mark would rather be playing football, or watching it on the telly.
I'm yet to take Tommy for fear of him breaking some valuables, but I did carry him in once, when Mark and I collected the green leather armchair my mother had purchased.
Yes folks, the antique barn and tearoom is finally open!
And I'm pretty pleased about it.
What a splendid way to spend an afternoon, admiring vintage books and floral tea sets. Then choosing which cake you fancy.
It's a great place for stocking up on presents. Not to mention treating yourself, if in need of some time out and chocolate fudge cake, on rose painted plates.
All within a ten minute walk from our cottage.
Not bad hey.

Here's the bad boy I've been harping on about.

Tearoom now open.

What treasures.

Love that vintage vibe.

This reminded me to stop off at the village shop, for our Saturday night wine bottle.

My dad was mighty impressed to find a book dating back to 1875.

I love a tearoom. Especially one is such sweet setting.

I also love tea and cake. The diet starts in the new year!

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