Sunday, 20 November 2016

Super hero Sunday

With an eager heart, clutching a bottle of wine, used to be the usual procedure for visiting my friend Caron.
Last Sunday I visited her with an eager child, clutching a pot plant.
Oh these days of our lives, how they've changed.
Caron now has two boys, of similar age to Tommy, and he was very excited about visiting them. He also asked repeatedly throughout the hour and a bit car journey, "Are they tall?" and "Do they use a potty?"
Tommy is currently very concerned about being tall, like Spider-Man. We tell him if he eats healthy food he will grow very tall. This concern is actually working well in our favour. He is also curious about who uses a potty and who does't. Unfortunately this is isn't helping him to use one yet, despite Pirate Pete and the potty book, fire engine stickers, and a Mickey Mouse potty, he flatly refuses to use potty. I'm sure we'll get there in the end! Besides, when was the last time you saw an adult wearing a nappy? That's what I keep telling myself...
Anyway, the dinosaur book Caron kindly bought Tommy was a massive hit. This kept the three kids entertained for ages, so I could chat away to Caron, whilst she prepared the shepherds pie and whipped up a sponge cake.
Then Tommy spied the super heroes costumes, in the corner of the playroom. I expect you can imagine which one Tommy wanted to wear.
As three kids crazily ran around the kitchen and lounge, pretending to be super heroes, Caron opened the fridge, pulled out a bottle of wine, and poured me a large glass, with a massive smile.
Arr, not so dissimilar to old times after all.
I happily obliged, you know, for old times sake.
Cheers. Here's to super friends and super heroes.

Dinosaur book was a massive hit.

Silly faces dinner.

Batman and Spider-Man.

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