Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Wine Library

The dusty amber lantern, shines for those who have lost their way.
A winding rusty staircase, trails off into the underground hemisphere.
Daring you to enter its unknown world, sits the sinister black door.
The weathered creaking sign, mocks those who question its origin.
Yes I've often walked past The Wine Library with a sense of curiosity, wonder, and twisted imagination.
It's on route on my daily commute to the office, situated by Fenchurch Street Station, and a short walk from the underground station.
Many a time I have thought it would not look out of place in its own novel.
For years now I have pondered over its hidden contents.
Until one dreary day I texted my friend: Shall we go to the Wine Library?
To which my friend's immediate response was: That's a cracking good plan.
Bring forth the arrangements and pretend cheese names!
Allow me to explain, we googled said place and were informed good cheese accompanies the fine wine. So we thought it best upon table booking to provide the names of Mr Wesley Dale and Mrs E Dam from Cheddar.(Except we then decided it might be inappropriate but it made us laugh anyway.)
Henceforth a merry night of stinky cheese and well-balanced wine.
A night where I discovered the Wine Library does not contain one single book or creepy dwelling.
It's a charming little place, with cosy atmosphere, and as one would suspect, rows of wine to tempt you.
It was also a nice break from normality. For as much as I love bedtime stories with Tommy, the world will not stop revolving if for one night daddy steps in.
And at last, my curiosity for the Wine Library was dead.

Enjoyable night spent here.

Probably the only book was the one for the bookings.

Lots of wine!

Wine and cheese. Great combination. I think it will catch on.

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