Thursday, 27 October 2016

The Games Master has spoken

I think it's time for a little game.
Care to join me?
I sincerely hope that you don't object to my presumptuous, yes.
Okay, imagine if you will, that I am your Games Master.
For the benefit of those who don't know what a Games Master is - I am your friendly, game show host, dressed head to toe in pink and gold sequins. (It's my blog, my imagination, my colour scheme. Let's at least give it a try.)

So, my first question I would like to throw at you is:

On a Friday, how would you rather spend the day?
a) In the office, up to your eyeballs in deadlines and paperwork.
b) At home, cleaning the toilet and clearing hairs from the bath plug hole.
c) Visiting a Jacobean Manor House, with romantic setting consisting of tumbling waterfalls and enchanting walks.

By the way, answers to be given at the end of this quiz, please.

For my next question:

Confirm the ingredients of an ideal meal.
a) Nothing, eating is cheating and for wimps.
b) Watching other people eat, and then helping yourself to any leftovers.
c) A luxurious three course meal, within a grand room, accompanied by candles and roses.

In your opinion, what does a perfect day entail?
a) Spending the entire day stressed and anxious about a never ending work load.
b) At home, in bed, suffering from flu symptoms.
c) Surrounded by your loved ones from near and far.

At the end of an evening, which is the best situation?
a) Passing out from exhaustion, on your desk.
b) Sleeping on a park bench, with only the heavy rain to keep you company.
c) After dancing to Wham! and drinking champagne, you walk across a cobbled courtyard with husband and child, leading to cute room to spend the night.

Okay, now it is time to reveal all!

If you answered mainly a's - you really need to stop working so hard, right now, sit down and chill out.
For mainly b's, erm, how could I put this politely, you are prone to bouts of weirdness.
And if your answers lent towards all c's, you too would love Fanham Hall, Hertforshire, for a family wedding. Good choice, my friend.

The bride and her father.

Tommy and the bridesmaids.


Lawn games.

Building a house for Spider-Man.

The three of us, in our best clothes.

The bridesmaid who seemed to like Tommy but he was more interested in Spider-Man.

More ketchup!


Cutting the cake.

Thank you Fanham Hall, and dear family, for a smashing day and evening.

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