Thursday, 8 September 2016

I Capture the Castle

So I've joined a book exchange, as advertised on Facebook.
Basically, I am hoping to be inundated with favourite books from keen readers. In exchange, I send my favourite book to one person, from a hopefully long list of eager bookworms.
What a great idea, I thought. Until I sat down and wondered what my favourite book is. There are so many wonderful chapters in this world, how could I possibly pick a best one?
It could be compared to asking a mother to admit her favourite child. Or a George Michael fan to choose their favourite song.
My mum has firmly said many a time, you can love your children differently but always equally. As I have always said, I couldn't possibly pick one George Michael song over another.
And what makes a good book? One you can't stop thinking about and influences your life, I think.
Of course we are all looking for different things - escapism, entertainment and knowledge. To name just a few. Which is why it's tricky to choose a book for another, someone who could have completely different taste.
I've read my fair share of dark stories, some from the deepest, darkest part of Stephen King's imagination. I've read true accounts of rock stars and drug addicts and tales of the supernatural. I've also read classic adventures of love and drama.
Harry Potter and Mary Poppins are ones I have visited on many occasions, in awe of childhood fantasy and mayhem.
Yes I am quite diverse with my reading material.
I settled on, I Capture the Castle, by Dodie Smith. The author of The Hundred and One Dalmations, but perhaps a lesser known one which hopefully my receiver has not read before. Plus, I realised my receiver was the step daughter of an old friend, a girl I have known for a very long time and do not wish to scare with my, sometimes, strange taste in books.
I Capture the Castle, a quirky, innocent, charismatic journey which begins, "I write this sitting in the kitchen sink."
How could you not love a book which begins in this way?
Well that's what I thought anyway.
I hope she likes it.
I'm looking forward to receiving warmhearted and life changing books in exchange.
Happy reading to you all.

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