Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Grandpa in my pocket

I haven't really got an actual grandpa in my actual pocket.
That would be slightly mad.
Although it would be quite handy for baby sitting duties, as long as I didn't squash him and could turn him full size fairly easily.
Anyway, Mark and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary in the exact place where Grandpa in my pocket was filmed. We know this program because it's something Tommy sometimes watches. Therefore, he was rather excited when we told him we would be visiting the lighthouse and beach huts which feature in the show.
Mummy was rather excited too, to be perfectly honest.

Here it is! The lighthouse. In Southwold, Suffolk.

The beach and pier.

Some groovy shops and restaurants are situated along the pier.

Tommy loved driving this car.

We had lunch with lego.

Then asked the nice lady for an ice-cream with a flake.

A stroll along the beach. It usually ends up with daddy's shoulders.

A spot of shopping. My kind of shop.

Before we headed to our hotel for the night.

Tommy exploring the hotel. It was very grand.

Slightly bigger than our bedroom at home.

I have never stayed in a room with it's own telly room, have you?

Playing with his new sticker book.

I always carry toy cars in my bag. You never quite know when you'll need them.

Next we dined here. Delicious Sea bass and chips.

Then it was back to the hotel. Wine and X Factor for us, bed time story and Tigger for Tommy.

The next day, after a delicious breakfast, we browsed around the market.

We headed back to the beach. Tommy made a friend called Harry. When I asked him what they talked about, he replied, "Windows." The mind boggles.

We finished with fish and chips on the pier.

Happy fourth wedding anniversary to us. We had a blast. Still love him to bits.

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