Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Are we going to the pub?

Tommy opened his bright blue eyes and smiled at me.
"Is it the weekend?" he enquired.
"Yes it is!" I replied triumphantly.
"Are we going to the pub?"
And that is how our day begun.
Now, it is not usual practice for our day (or weekend) to begin in such fashion. Contrary to what you may think from reading this post, we do not spend the majority of our waking hours at the pub.
It was Mark's birthday weekend and his chosen destination to celebrate was - our local pub.
As pubs go, it's a nice one. It dates back to 500 years and is brimming with history and character. It has a pretty garden, with fish pond, waterfall, veranda and outside bar.
We often pass the pub, it's on route to my parent's house and Tommy's nursery. And a few days before Mark's birthday weekend, I informed Tommy, several times,"We're going to that pub and garden, at the weekend, for daddy's birthday."
Hence, the recollection on this particular Saturday morning.
So off we set.
We closed the door to the cottage, crossed the road, passed the petrol station, then walked across the cricket green. We turned left at the end of the cricket green, and there sits the The Green Man.
Tommy was over joyed when he knew friends would be joining us in the garden.
Plus we'd promised him chips with tomato sauce.

If you need us, we'll be at the pub, with the sun peeking through.

Pub grub, you can't beat it. Especially at our local.

The pub has a very pretty garden and veranda.

Mark's friends from near and far visited with their kids, so Tommy had play mates. Hannah lives around the corner to us, and her mummy and I were pregnant at the same time, comparing bumps. Then we were new mummys together, comparing worries! Love seeing Tommy and Hannah playing together.

The fish pond.

There's always one who won't look at the camera, it's usually always Tommy!


After lots of running around it was time to do colouring in.

And playing with toy cars.

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