Wednesday, 17 August 2016

I am summer (2016)

I am summer.
Come dance with me in the meadow,
Buttercups and daisy chain.
Lay beside me in the sunshine,
Dream away the clouds and rain.
Blow fairy dust in the blue sky,
Wish upon a blazing flame.
Sprinkle adventure in the moonlight,
Long, hazy days are here again.

Chasing butterflies (dressed as Spider-Man)

Daddy's shoulders

Hide and seek

Lawn games

Feeding ducks

Sparkly windmill

New playhouse

Strawberry lollys

Family birthday

Barbecued food

Lunch time

Hello Noddy

Beach slide

Bike ride

Cricket green

King of the castle

Taking photographs

Drinks with friends

I am summer (2016)


CIELO said...

Such cute kiddos... blessings to all of you!


The World According To Me said...

Thank you CIELO. Welcome to Flying Pink Elephants. Cheers for dropping by and commenting.

Amel said...

Hey, there you are! Just as pretty, Nikki. :-D

And looking at photos of your boys with other kids makes me happy as they brought me back to my childhood years spent with lots of neighbours and cousins. :-)

The World According To Me said...

I know exactly what you mean, takes me back to my childhood days, long, happy days of summer.