Monday, 29 August 2016

Hello again Clacton Pier

As I looked up at the huge yellow letters against the bright blue sky, nostalgia flooded through me.
I calculated it was approximately thirty four years since I'd last seen this stretch of the Essex coast.
A young girl, with long brown hair and freckles, and a fascination with roller coasters. Running around screaming in anticipation, impatiently queuing for pink candyfloss.
That was me.
Fast forward, quite a few years, now with husband and child.
Not so young girl, with long bleached hair, fine lines replace freckles, petrified of roller coasters. Running around fretting after my boy, impatiently queuing for kiddies buses.
That's me now.
Wow, so much has changed since those innocent, Clacton Pier, carefree days.
I've changed, my family has changed, the world has changed.
Some things have been marvelous, other things not so.
But it's inevitable, isn't it. Time proves nothing ever stays the same, yet sometimes it definitely remains still.
I couldn't help reminiscing, and smiling, as I ordered ice-creams for the beach, bank holiday weekend 2016.
Strawberry and vanilla, dripping, with chocolate flake and soggy wafer.
Sun streaming through the broken clouds, fine sand in between our delicate toes.
Dipping leather sandals in the frothy sea, collecting pebbles on our way.
Laughing, enjoying, being.
Love our life.
And let's not forget the nostalgia. Because I think it's here to stay.

Back again!

All the fun of the fair

I recognise that bus driver.

There he is again, driving to London this time.

Nice walk along the pier.

Aquarium. Tommy was very excited looking at the fish.

Back to the beach.

Fascinated with the sand and pebbles.

Me and my shadow.

Collecting pebbles to make pretty pictures.

Love this boy.

Sort of smiling at the camera. He is definitely not one for posing, when I point a camera at him he usually runs away or looks away!

Beach bar, Bottled water for three please.

Nice back drop.

Maybe see you in another thirty four years, Clacton Pier?!
Now there's a thought.


Amel said...'s fully autumn over here. :-) Loving all the summer photos. Your boy's grown a lot! I still miss seeing your photos, though. :-D Start sharing some selfies, Nikki he he he he...

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

I think autumn has arrived here now! Hope you're well. I promise to pop more pictures up of me from now on!