Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My special place

I always find it comforting to visit somewhere that holds memories.
A special place I look forward to visiting again and creating new memories.
My special place is St Ives, Cornwall. For the past six years I have holidayed here with Mark and his family. I can't praise this corner of the country enough. Cornwall is packed with beautiful, rugged landscapes. And St Ives is a bustling, pretty town with a harbour, beaches, arcades, shops and restaurants.
The years have been kind to us and always surrounded by exciting times in our lives.
On the first year my sister-in-law was pregnant and we stayed in a beach themed town house, a very small walk away from the sea. This was my first family holiday, with Mark, in Cornwall and I was hooked. We spent many a day touring the local scenery, and many an evening playing cards and discussing the fact there would be a new addition to the family next vacation.
On the second year my nephew spent his first holiday in Cornwall and Mark and I slept on a blow up bed, under the stairs. We look back and laugh at our sleeping arrangements that year! Mark and I were saving for our wedding and changed our mind at the last minute, regarding the holiday and finances. Therefore there wasn't a spare room, so we packed a blow up bed and said we'd sleep where we could. Upon arrival of our new home it became apparent the only space was under the stairs. We didn't really mind though, we were grateful to be away with family, on a tight budget.
On the third year, our first time in Cornwall as a married couple, I was pregnant with Tommy. Mark and I slept in bunk beds of another quaint holiday home. I slept on the bottom bunk and Mark insisted on also sleeping on the bottom bunk, with me and my rather large bump. To this day I don't know how we managed it or how I managed to get any sleep!
On the fourth year it was Tommy's first time in Cornwall and we slept in a cool cellar type room, with cot. It was was the first time my nephew had a cousin to play with. We were also more aware of stairs and steps with two small children, so we made a group decision to book a child friendly home the following year.
On the fifth year we stuck to our word, thus a spacious, safe house was booked. Although we paid for the space with a hill. It was away from the quaint winding roads and situated on top of a never ending hill. All calf muscles were very painful that year. But Mark and I bagged the best room, with en suite. We figured it was our turn for some luxury!
And on the sixth year we came to the executive decision that we couldn't face that hill and so we found a relatively child friendly home near the harbour. We also booked all our favourite restaurants well in advance. And Mark, Tommy and I slept in the attic. It was another fun year.

St Ives. It's tradition to take a photograph as soon as we arrive, after shouting, "I can see the sea!"

It's also tradition to stop at The Sloop for drinks and sandwiches, over looking the harbour and small beach. Then it's onto the sand with Tommy to build sandcastles.

This year my mum and auntie kindly gave Tommy some pocket money so we let him choose new toys for the beach and holiday home.

We're spoilt for choice with ice-cream parlours and art galleries. Tommy and I happily over indulge in ice-cream flavours.

The amusement arcade is always popular. Tommy especially loves the ice-cream van and animal boat.

We browse around the many shops and stop to listen to the buskers.

Then it's time to check into our holiday home! Here's this years.

The lounge. Many a morning spent here watching cartoons and reading newspapers.

The kitchen. Many an evening here eating takeaways (we alternated restaurants and takeaways) and playing cards.

Our attic room. Loved this room, despite the noisy seagulls on the roof.

Come back soon for more photographs of Cornwall.


Amel said...

I very much enjoyed reading the memories, though I felt bad reading about the tired calf muscles. It's amazing what can happen in six years. I don't wonder why you fell in love with this place.

The World According To Me said...

Nice to hear you enjoyed reading the memories. It was nice to look back and remember them.
Oh how we all moaned about our calf muscles that year!
And yes isn't it amazing what can happen in six years.