Saturday, 2 July 2016

Catches thieves, just like flies

Recently, I have compared myself to Spider-Man.
Does this mean I'm regularly dressed head to toe in tight, blue and red, Lycra?
Erm, no. How unflattering this would appear on my body shape!
Does this mean I'm currently climbing tall buildings and swinging on my spider web, in the dead of night?
Not at all. Although that does sound like fun! Oh hang on, I've just remembered, I'm a little scared of heights, maybe that's not the best idea.
Okay, so I wouldn't make a very good Spider-Man.
However, he did once quote those fabulous words, "With great power comes great responsibility!"
That's what I'm talking about. This power verses responsibility thing.
And, personally speaking, my Spider-Man experience is referring to, in the workplace and out of the workplace.
Firstly, let me start with in the workplace...
Two errors were discovered on the back cover of one of our (printed!) academic books.
Which was pretty surprising, almost impossible, considering.
Considering the text was provided by the Publisher and he missed the two errors.
The form containing the text was then passed to the Production Manager, he didn't spot them either.
Next, the Designer laid the copy out, he failed to realise the mistakes.
The Production Assistant proofread, she did not highlight the errors.
The Publisher checked the proof for the cover, along with the Marketing Manager, and guess what? They didn't see the two errors either.
Finally, the cover was sent to the author for his approval, and he signed it off, with the errors. Therefore it was sent to print, and even the Printers did not recognize the errors whilst all pages were on press.
In all my years of publishing experience, I have never known anything quite like it. Worryingly, many human beings missed something, two somethings to be precise, which once you're aware of are so flipping obvious!
No one can really blame anyone, yet production always feel protective towards and responsible for their publications.
Therefore, the production department, myself most definitely included, are feeling less confident and more anxious.
At present, I am working on four magazines and seven academic books. I'm in charge of budgets worth ridiculous amounts of money, and responsible for publishing (correctly!) a lifetime of achievements, research and discovery, from respected Professors and Doctors.
I'm finding press days slightly more stressful than ever.
Can you now see why I feel like Spider-Man?
Granted, I am not a brain surgeon, people's lives are not at risk (thank goodness).
My risk is thousands of pounds, the credibility of very credible people, the confidence in the publishing company who employ me, and my professional career on the line.
And don't even get me started on the responsibility out of the work place, with my darling Tommy.
I love him to pieces. Frighteningly, my little man relies on me, and his daddy of course, one hundred per cent.
Actually, being Spider-Man now sounds quite easy.
If only I had a body that was made for Lycra and I wasn't scared of heights.


Amel said...


Oh boy, Nikki...I've been on the editing end, as well (only text, though), and I can assure you how tough that job is because your eyes get so used to the mistakes and your brain has the ability to miss the mistakes as long as it understands the whole sentence/text/idea. Understandable why it's more stressful, though, as it involves lots of money and the reputation of the company.

I hope something like this won't ever happen again and somebody along the chain will pick up the mistakes if they appear again. Crossing my fingers for you!!!

And yeah, raising a child is scary, but from my POV as an outsider, you've done the best that you can and that should be enough. It's really difficult because lots of times in hindsight you can see the should've-could've-what-if, but it's impossible to turn back time. I hope and pray that Tommy will grow up safe and sound to be the best that he can be and that he keeps having a lovely relationship with the both of you.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

You're right there about the editing, sometimes the sentence makes sense and it's so easy to miss things!
Thanks for your comments re Tommy. It is scary sometimes making all these decisions and trying to do the best thing whilst keeping them safe. I guess none of us are prefect or can predict the future, we just have to do our best and keep our wits about us.

ChicagoWing said...

I thought I had a lot of responsibility when I input into lawyers' calendars. I have to right the correct day, correct courtroom & correct time into this very important Calendar. But you have more responsibility.
And you know and I know that the responsibility you have at work pales to the responsibility as a mother. It's nice reading up on your son in your blog! :)

The World According To Me said...

Hi Chicago wing hope you're well.

You have responsibility too in the work place.
I remember when you commented after I found out I was pregnant. Where did almost three years go?!