Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Stars of the future

What makes your heart sing?
Rainbows, shooting stars and glorious sunsets, maybe?
Are there things that you love to do in your spare time?
Whether you're a black belt in Judo, collect key rings for your exceedingly large key ring collection, or you just like taking long walks, I think it's food for the soul.
Rather like love and laughter.
Things which make your heart sing.
Personally I like to read books, take photographs, write stories, make cards. There are lots of things my heart likes to sing along to.
My cousin and his girlfriend like to dance. Latin and ballroom style. They have only been learning for a year but already they are winners of trophies. Now there's something which I'm sure makes their heart sing, in union. It's a pastime which brings them closer. Plus it enables them to keep fit and unleash a competitive nature whilst travelling the country together.
Not bad hey.
I actually suggested to Mark that we become dance partners, who knows we could be future world champions? But I was met with a glare and an abrupt, "No chance!"
Oh well, I guess Mark has his football, his dancing feet are firmly planted in football boots. Yes football definitely makes Mark a happier person, unless his beloved Arsenal are losing. As much as I cheer when football season is over and my husband and car return to me, I'm glad he has a hobby, a sport, something to focus on.
I shall certainly encourage Tommy to play sport and learn hobbies, and appreciate the wonders of nature. I want to hear his heart sing!
He may even show an interest in dancing? Currently we jump around the lounge together to music, it's sort of dancing.
Last Saturday afternoon, my cousin Jack and his girlfriend Jessica performed at our local sports centre, at an all day competition. And myself, my mum, aunties and uncles and cousin Sarah had third row seats to the stars of the future.
It was so much fun. A splendid way to spend an afternoon of entertainment. Made even better due to the fact they reached the semi final.
Well done Jack and Jessica.

Getting ready for their heat.

Here they are, Jack and Jessica.


Amel said...

CONGRATS to your cousin and girlfriend! What a lovely thing to experience with your big family. Awesome!

I have two left feet. I do well when I can dance to my own beat/pace without any set style ha ha...I can do basic Zumba movements, but learning more advanced style is a no-no ha ha ha...can't follow! If I focus on the arms/hips, the legs get tangled and vice versa.

But yeah, Tommy has a world of possibilities to come. :-D And you're an awesome mother!

The World According To Me said...

Thanks Amel. They are doing so well and deserve it, they practice hard and put their heart and soul into everything. It was a very memorable family outing watching them.
Zumba hey, I've always been courious about that. I love dancing but not sure I could remember all those moves!