Friday, 6 May 2016

I do believe in fairy tales

In a faraway land (about an hours drive from our home) lives a magical woodland, where fairies and elves dance.
If you catch the steam train, you might be lucky enough to see them.
If you look closely, you might also see Winnie the Pooh and teddy bears having a picnic.
If that isn't exciting enough, you can walk to another part of the ancient woodland, where fairies have built their houses. Please be careful, you mustn't touch their wings! But you can sprinkle fairy dust.
Trolls live under the bridge, but they're harmless really.
It's an enchanting place, where dreams can come true.
All you have to do is...believe.


a writing place said...

A Renaissance Faire?????

who is off with the faeries...

The World According To Me said...


I love being off with the fairies too!

Amel said...

OOOHHHHHHH...Tommy's a very lucky boy, being able to grow up visiting lots of lovely places with so many of his beloved people. <3