Thursday, 26 May 2016

A pinch of imagination and a splash of sunshine

Well that's the football season over with.
Oh apart from the European Championship, but I don't mind that so much as it's only once every four years, plus it's a good excuse to meet friends and be patriotic.
I love an excuse for a get together, preferably one where we can barbecue, then all shout and cheer at the telly. No I don't mind European Championships and even World Cups, especially if England actually haven't been knocked out.
The season I'm referring to is the September to May months where I loose my husband and car every Saturday. Mark is football mad, plays in a local team on these Saturday afternoons, then watches every match possible on the big screen. Therefore Tommy and I amuse ourselves on Saturdays, thank you very much.
But now it's over and I have reclaimed my husband and car! Which means we are a (mobile) family again ALL weekend, with a whole bunch of stuff to delve into.
As long as we remember not to spend too much money. Because outings these days can cost a small fortune and alas we do not hold a never ending supply of money.
Although I've always believed, with a pinch of imagination, and hopefully a splash of sunshine, you don't necessarily have to spend big to have lots of fun. Some of the best pleasures in life are free.
I think we proved this fact last Saturday when myself, Mark and Tommy, took a trip to the footpath down the road, the one which leads to the forest.
It was time to see what mysteries and adventures we could unravel. And it didn't cost a thing, except the £2 for Tommy's ice-cream at the bottom of the forest.
Now you can't begrudge a kid a £2 ice-cream, can you?

The path to mysteries.

Collecting flower fairies and making wishes.

On the look out for forest dragons.

I wonder if pixies live in this tree?

Time to rest.

My boys.

Searching for ducks.

Collecting stones.

Pretending to be a giant.



Ice-cream time.


a writing place said...

The best kind of a weekend jaunt!!!!!!

And it only cost an ice cream cone!!! ,-))))


Amel said...

Another awesome set of memories. Tommy is very, very lucky. :-)

And no, you can't begrudge a child an ice-cream, especially in summer. :-D

The football craze made me chuckle a little as it reminds me of football craze in Indo. I used to have to battle with the TV with my brother and dad, since they both love it. Therefore, it's funny to know that people here aren't that crazy about it ha ha ha ha...though it's no surprise since winter here is so long LOL!

The World According To Me said...

Hi Tessa

Yes only cost an ice-cream cone, not bad hey. We were lucky with the weather too.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

We are a football mad family and country! I can imagine your battles over the TV remote!