Thursday, 14 April 2016

Muddy puddles, tickle sticks and flower friends

I'll never forget the evening when husband and I were watching the reality television show, The Only Way is Essex (we're from Essex, we watch with curiosity and horror), and Chloe announced, "I hate the outdoors. I hate nature."
I was indignant. How could she protest against nature? Okay, I'm not the hardcore outdoorsy sort; battling through torrential rain and snow blizzard, to climb the tallest mountain and swim the deepest sea. But I do love fresh air, wild flowers and blue sky.
After this shocking broadcast, I was beside myself. I couldn't justify preferring sipping over priced cocktails, in a dim and noisy nightclub, to a stroll in a bluebell field, with picnic basket.
Dear readers, have you ever heard something that sticks in your mind, probably never to be forgotten ever again?
"I hate the outdoors. I hate nature," has stuck in my mind. For all the wrong reasons.
So many times since that fateful evening, sprawled on the sofa with husband, watching reality television, Chloe's words have come back to haunt me.
I could be watering my plants in the garden, investigating the forest behind our cottage, or admiring the local duck pond with Tommy, and I remember those cruel words!
Now spring has decided to join us, how could I hate being outdoors or begrudge mother nature?
To be fair, Chloe Sims was inappropriately dressed in high heels and tight clothes at the time of filming, which probably didn't help her mood.
Please note, at the time of photographing, all children and parents below, were dressed for the occasion. I can also confirm, no-one complained that we were surrounded by daisies, trees, water and ducks.

Off for an adventure in the forest. Followed by, the duck pond with friend.


a writing place said...

That Chloe person, can keep her stuffy bar.

This is pure enjoyment.



The World According To Me said...

Oh yes, Tessa, she is welcome to that stuffy bar.

Amel said...

AWWWWWW...look at all the fun. I can't wait to see the green grass. The snow is slowly melting away in our yard, but it can still snow every now and then (though, thankfully, the snow melts quickly away and doesn't stay he he he...)

The World According To Me said...

Ar yes always a pleasure to see green grass when you haven't seen it for a while! I hope the snow hurries up and melts completely.