Thursday, 21 April 2016

If I ruled the world

If I ruled the world, there would be some changes around here.
For starters, I would tackle war, poverty and famine.
Although I haven't quite worked out how I would solve these issues. It would be easier if I had magical powers and could vanish anything destructive and distressing.
Because in my ideal world, thanks to my super, magical wand (or whatever it was I could banish stuff with), there would be peace and harmony. Accompanied with plenty of money and food for everyone. Plus, no nasty, terminal illnesses.
If I may focus on something slightly easier than fixing world wide catastrophes, I would like to address a common complaint in my life and my peers - the weekend simply isn't long enough.
I'm talking about getting that work-life balance right, because quite frankly, for many of us, it doesn't seem as if we've quite got the hang of it.
Many of us, myself most definitely included, work our little socks off Monday to Friday, five whole days. Then we get to Saturday and we are knackered. All those early alarm calls, commuting and stressing, have taken their toll. Oh we love Saturdays but sometimes we are tired and there is much to do and people to see. Then there is Sunday, and as much as we try not to, work is creeping back into our minds, and we are very aware that we have to ensure all the washing and cleaning and preparing for another week is complete. Let's also not forget that sensible, early night, so we can be alert for Monday morning.
And repeat.
Put your hand up if you spend many a day fantasising about the weekend. As much as I hate to sound like I'm wishing my life away (I'm not by the way, I realise every day is a joy), my hand is firmly in the air. So where did it all go wrong?
Which brings me back to my original point, if I ruled the world, I would make Friday the official weekend.
That's right, we would have a three day weekend instead of two. I don't think that would be too damaging to the economy. And just think about all those huge benefits to our well-being!
An extra day to see our loved ones, paint our living room, recharge our batteries, and all those glorious bits in between.
We could stop feeling guilty about constantly waiting for the weekend/complaining it was too short. Although, the more cynical ones amongst us would probably still do that. You can please some of the people all of the time, but you can't please all of the people some of the time, isn't that what they say?!
I for one would be very happy with an extra day to my weekend.
For the record, I have discussed this with friends and colleagues and they also agree it would be preferable and beneficial. So there you go, it should be the case! It would be the case if I ruled the world.
Alas, I do not rule. So I'm afraid we only have a Saturday and a Sunday to class as our official weekend. But boy do I love them and cherish them, it's time to be with my friends and family.

I especially love Saturday afternoons in my friend's tea room. (Hopefully selling more of my homemade cards.) Followed by home sweet home.
Finishing with Sunday afternoon at my parent's house.


And pappa never tires of reading Tommy a goodnight story.


a writing place said...

I wrote a comment, and deleted, before finished.

You would not want to read it. Nor would any of your friends and acquaintances.

It would not fit the life style, which you find necessary.

Hugs, Tessa

The World According To Me said...
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Amel said...

Ahhhh...I love your photos. :-) I remember ages ago I read somewhere that back when computers started being developed, some people predicted that these machines would help people cut down their working hours. Ha! :-D Now that we have advanced computers compared to the 1990s, it doesn't seem like it's happening anytime soon.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Tessa

Hmm, not sure what the comment could have been? Believe me if I didn't have to work Monday to Friday I wouldn't! At least my company is understanding with child care, although they have to be these days to be honest, and I can work from home one or two days a week.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

You're right, it doesn't seem to have happened does it?! I think we are working more than ever as it's hard to get away from work, so many of us have home computers now or can work from their mobiles. And jobs are a lot harder to find and keep these days as computers can do so much of our jobs. It's a tough one isn't it.