Saturday, 9 April 2016

Daddy's car's broken

Who remembers their first word?
The first word ever uttered in your life.
No wait, you probably don't actually remember it. You were most likely to have been told an endearing story regarding your first word. Probably by a parent with a very good memory.
My mum can't remember mine, I guess it was forty odd years ago. It may have been, "Daddy!" or, "Mummy!" as apparently there are the two most common first words. Hardly surprising really. Daddy is easier for young vocal chords to pronounce than mummy, but I expect these words are often repeated by keen parents, waiting in eager anticipation to hear their little darling say their name.
My friend's first word, and I did laugh when she informed me of this, was, "More!" She always has been a girl who knows what she wants from life.
Tommy's first word was, "Car!" He loves cars. He loves anything with wheels. Especially fire engines. As much as we wanted him to say mummy or daddy, we were over the moon when one day he said as clear as sparkling crystal, "Car!"
And so it began. The talking.
There are many exiting stages of children's development. I remember literally squealing with delight, and Tommy's amazed face, when he realised he could walk by himself. It was also fun watching him eat solid food for the first time and clearly enjoying himself. And talking. I love hearing his little voice.
He says many words now to accompany car. The words aren't always clear and sometimes he is merely copying what you have said, in a parrot like fashion. But I am often surprised at how his brain is making sense of the world and forming proper sentences.
I was very happy the day Tommy announced, "Daddy's car's broken." Not because I was happy that we would have a nice big bill to pay, but because he was progressing from one word announcements. And he understood his environment.
I think these three words will always stick in my mind, it was the start of another era.
Now he won't stop babbling away. His reports from nursery are often stating how vocal he has been. They've even moved him upstairs with some of the older kids, for further stimulation.
Incidentally, our car has now been fixed. It no longer has to be started with a knife. Which wasn't ideal. We've had to swallow a hefty bill to fix the electronic key.
Knives are now used in the normal manner and Tommy loves reminding us of this.
"Daddy's car's not broken."
Isn't life great.


a writing place said...

All these brand new happenings! So marvelous. So sweet. So much accomplishment!

To me, everything children do, is their 'work.' Not in a sense of drudgery. But in a sense of having a purpose. So much which we view as "play" is not play. It's their finding how "to do"... And that is not just so-called childish play.

Not that you said it was!!! No! No! No!

All his accomplishments, just brought that view of mine, to the fore. :-)

Also very glad that he can say; "Daddy's car not broken!" Starting it with a knife. Mmmmmmmmmm... -giggggles-

Gentle hugs,

The World According To Me said...

Marvelous, sweet, brand new happenings! Love those words.

I totally agree, his 'play' is real, it's his purpose, his development, his finding.

It was interesting, starting the car with a knife!

Amel said...

AWWWWWWW...I smiled reading all these, happy to know that you were able to experience these moments firsthand. Awesome memories! :-) And awesome progress on T's part as well.

P.S. Never knew you could start a car with a knife he he...but glad to know the car's fixed now.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

Yes priceless memories are being created around here! And nope I never knew that fact about a knife either, Mark learnt that from the Internet. Think it only works with electric key fobs which aren't connecting! You have to shove the key fobe in and a knife in the right place! I'm glad to say its been looked at by a professional now and all is normal again.