Friday, 4 March 2016

Wild Wood and the wrong lipstick

"Fatlin and Firkin?" friend texted.
"Wild Wood?" was my ulterior suggestion.
"I don't mind?" answered other friend's opinion.
And so it began.
The long debate on where to meet for our overdue reunion. It usually lasts approximately one week and several text messages.
In the olden days it was easy. Destination would always usually be London, location would be glamorous or trendy bar, preferably offering happy hour. That's all we needed, a nice place which didn't cost the earth. We didn't care about noise level, over crowding, or long journeys home. We were young and vibrant, with good hearing and high tolerance.
These days we like to be as close to our homes as humanly possible, we all mention we don't want a 'mad one' and we like to sit down and chat to each other in a civilised environment.
It's no longer about how many cocktails or shots we can guzzle in happy hour. Or how many tunes we can dance to in an animated fashion. It's now all about the conversation and food.
So Wild Wood it was.
Friend picked me up from the train station, admitted she disliked my new lipstick, which to be honest I was disappointed to hear as I don't usually wear it, I'd treated myself for the occasion and thought I was being daring and exciting with the shade. Never mind.
We parked near Wild Wood, grabbed a rustic table with soft lighting and almost immediately ordered bread and olives and a bottle of Prosecco, whilst waiting for other friend.
It wasn't long until other friend breezed in, wrapped in her warmest coat, scarf and gloves.
"Oh Nikkers," she said (never Nikki, always Nikkers, only friends can do that), "I'm not keen on that lipstick on you."
You can rely on your friends for their honest opinion, can't you? I immediately offered them both my new lipstick, as it obviously didn't suit me. They politely refused, but lent me theirs when they saw my sad face. I had to admit, their subtle shades were ever so more flattering.
It was then selfie time! This took a very long time. We decided to causally capture the moment, and post on Facebook. Yet we couldn't all vote for the same picture. I look fat/too close/too awful, were the most common complaints, mainly from yours truly. Finally, with mono filter added to improve skin tones, we decided we were fairly happy with the same picture.
More bread and Prosecco were ordered, and pasta, and we were ready for our night.
And when did we all grow up? I must have blinked and missed it. Our conversation mainly consisted of conservatory extensions, promotion rejection (friends still sympathise, aren't they great), and our kids, especially the fact one friend's second youngest will soon be starting senior school! We're all growing up!
We even managed to keep to our word and not have a 'mad one'. Although I think that was more to do with the fact one friend had to bake cakes for her tearoom and I have a child who doesn't sleep much.
It was another successful night, even if that lipstick was a total waste of money.
Anyone want a Rossetto Rouge lipstick, from the Kate Moss range, only worn once?
Don't say I didn't ask you!


a writing place said...

Sorry but I don't think that very nice of old friends, to say they didn't like your lipstick color. -pout-

And that is you, on the right, in both pics, yes?

I have never seen any pic of you, but the Icon one. And that is a cute, looking up at you, and laughing one. So....... I need to ask. :-)


The World According To Me said...

Hi Tessa

Yes that's me on the right in both pics. A little older than my profile pic. Without lipstick!

Amel said...

You look cute as always, Nikki. :-) And how lovely it was that you got to meet up and chit-chat. I've stopped using lipstick ever since I moved here, only lip balm. Why? Well, I discovered that in winter (since winter here is 7 months' long), if I put on my lipstick and then wore my winter jacket (that had a high neck), oftentimes the lipstick would rub onto the neck of my winter jacket ha ha ha ha ha...not really good for the jacket, esp. if the jacket is light-coloured LOL!