Sunday, 27 March 2016

Fishes and horses

I am very excited.
Why is this, you may well ask.
Well, allow me to cure your curiosity.
Something has happened to the weather. Minimal changes at first. Now definitely more noticeable.
Twice a year the seasons ignite my passion - the first signs of Spring and the Christmas countdown. Both have the ability to leave me grinning like a loony.
Dear readers, it is with enormous pleasure I have noticed Spring has finally arrived. My house is alive with yellow daffodils, my garden is sprinkled with lavender blooms. The clocks went back last night, and we've missed an hours sleep - for much happiness you have to make a little sacrifice.
But hey, I no longer lay in these days, so I'm typing away in bed whilst husband and son snore away. After this post I'll water my lavender blooms and I may even eat my cereal in the garden. Get me! Special K alfresco style! (Maybe with cardigan or demim jacket, let's not get too carried away, this is England after all.)
Before I fill this blog with colours and Easter, let's remember grayer and colder times. You served your purpose darker weather, now it is time to hold our heads higher and wear our clothes lighter.
So long winter, thanks for Christmas, your time is officially over, make way for Spring please.

Winter meant inside activities, such as Sea Life. Tommy loved the fishes.

A brisk walk along Southend beach. Before chips and hot chocolate.

We also wrapped up warm for father-in-law's birthday, at the races. Tommy loved watching the horses with his cousin.

The terrible twosome.

Lost in thought. Probably fie engines and chocolate.


a writing place said...

Thank you so much, for Birthday Wishes. And for your sweet compliment.

My Icon pic is a recent one. I never use "long, long ago" pictures, in my blog. Or in my Instagram.

I'm very happy with the face I have. Compared to others who are 79, mine is in "very good shape"... :-) I did not sit in the sun, over the years. Nor did I smoke. Both things, which add to wrinkles. And I happily got nice skin, from my mother.

I really wanted to do one of those..."This is how 79 looks" pictures. Which some celebrities have done. ,-))) Perhaps I still will. !!!! -grin-

Gentle Spring Time hugs,

a writing place said...

Sweet photos, from winter time activities.

And lovely Ode to Spring.

It is refreshing, to have the weather change.

I try to be content, in whatever season is upon me. And don't long for the next season. So I don't get the "can't, can't, can't wait for spring" vibes, which some get.

But.... When there is a change in the air... And in the general 'look' of nature, it is nice. It is.

So... more gentle Spring Time hugs,

Amel said...

I just saw the FB video of the Easter egg and spoon run. Very funny LOL!!!

Awesome to hear that you've got flowers already! Over here as usual there's still plenty of snow ha ha ha ha...but at least if it's sunny we're already getting 13 hours of sunlight. :-D

The World According To Me said...

Hi Tessa

Arr yes I can see you have looked after your skin with no smoking or sunbathing. My mums the same, she will be 70 this year and I swear she looks ten years younger.

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

The egg and spoon races were very funny!
Still plenty of snow there then? But good you have so much sunlight. Will pop over to you!