Thursday, 31 March 2016

And then it was Easter

We were discussing Easter in the staff canteen.
"It's like Christmas but without all the pressure," said one colleague.
"I've upgraded it to my second favourite time of the year, Wimbledon being my first," said another colleague.
"To me it means, daffodils, mini eggs and four whole days off work, love it," said I.
"How was your Easter egg hunt?" another colleague asked me.
"Oh let me tell you all about it!"
So I did, and showed the following pictures from my iPhone.

This year, Good Friday was very good indeed. I invited family for afternoon tea and an Easter egg hunt, and the sun shined down kindly on us all.

Tommy was a very lucky boy. Family bought him chocolate fire engines, a bunny with his name on, and a noisy chic, to name just a special few.

We bought him a Peter Rabbit game because we knew he'd receive a tonne of chocolate!

Lucky me got this marvelous homemade card from Tommy and beautiful flowers from my father-in-law.

One of my afternoon tea tiers for the family.

Chocolate eggs hidden in our garden.

Tommy and Will searching for them.

I made chocolate nests, as you can see, Tommy enjoyed them.

Easter Sunday we were invited to my sister-in-laws for a roast dinner and egg and spoon races. Loved her table setting and Easter tree.

Table for two please.

I can confirm the chocolate cheese cake eggs were delicious.

Fireman Sam book from grandad was a big hit.

Easter was a very happy occasion. I'm still rationing Tommy's chocolate supply, but he keeps finding it!


a writing place said...

RE: Your comment on my 'Grand Dog' post..... Oh yes, they are healthy and well cared for and well trained dogs! Our daughter in law is excellent at training. So one never has to fear that they will be "over come" by her (and our son's) dogs.

They have had black labs for years. This Swiss Mountain Dog is a new breed, for them. Very, very different. :-))))


a writing place said...

What a precious Easter you had!!! Over more than one day, too. :-)

And he is such a cutie...

But rationing the chocolate.... Hard! :-)))))


The World According To Me said...

Sounds like the dogs are in very good hands, Tessa.

I know, sounds mean rationing his chocolate, if he could have his own way it's the only thing he would eat! He definitely has his mum's sweet tooth!

Amel said...

HA HA! Clever boy, finding the chocolate. I've never seen chocolate cheesecake eggs anywhere. Did your SIL make them herself or something?

The World According To Me said...

Tommy has a good eye for hunting chocolate!
Yes SIL made the chocolate cheesecake eggs. She's v clever with food, makes so much stuff I would never even attempt! Always tastes delicious too.