Sunday, 28 February 2016

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense

I could sit and watch Tommy play all day long.
If I didn't have to work, hoover the rug, hang the washing, change the beds, etc.
No it's not realistic to watch him all day and play with him all day, more's the pity. But I do try, as often as I can.
I love watching him lost in his own world. I love joining in, encouraging him and fueling his imagination.
Eyes full of wonder, voice high with excitement. I couldn't be happier, when he's happy in playtime.

The rescue squad.

Tommy's turn to cook dinner.

Building foundations.

Colouring and puzzles.

Hide and seek. He's not really got the hang of this one.

Tommy visited 100 acre wood. He was playing so nicely, until he ran them all over with his tractor.

Toy town.

Pretend shopping.

The tree house.

At his friend Jake's house.

Dinosaurs with big cous.


a writing place said...

To children, play is not play. It is real, and it is learning, and it is wonderful.

Tommy and his friend, have lovely toys to play with. Toys and places, which encourage imagination. Not those battery run plastic things. -shiver-

Tommy and his friend, are lucky. To have wise parents.

Gentle hugs,

The World According To Me said...

You're right, it's real and learning and wonderful.

I'm not a big fan of plastic battery toys either. I love traditional toys and toys which light imagination.

Ooh I like being called a wise parent, thanks. And we are lucky we have friends with similar views.

Amel said...

Ah, brought me back to my childhood. :-) I love the fact that Tommy gets to play a lot with his cousin(s). I have lots of lovely childhood memories playing with my cousins/neighbours. :-)

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel, good to hear you have lots of happy childhood memories too of playing with your cousins. I loved growing up with mine.