Sunday, 3 January 2016

What I didn't find in my wardrobe

Once, I stepped inside my bedroom wardrobe and tried to visit another land.
And I remember how disappointed I was that, despite my enthusiastic attempts, there was no secret passageway. No matter how hard I banged my fist on the wall and wished to be transported to a magical forest, it didn't happen.
I was left sitting in a pile of my crumpled clothes, thinking it wasn't fair that I couldn't fulfill my adventurous imagination. I was still in my bedroom and soon my mother would be calling me to inform me dinner was ready.
Obviously this was quite a while ago. I no longer live with my mother. Or believe such places exist.
It was the Christmas holidays and I had finished watching The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I was fascinated that a whole new Kingdom could exist beyond fur coats. Talking animals, and always winter, but never Christmas. I must admit I wasn't keen on the last bit, imagine winter without Christmas! If I had my own way it would be Christmas every third week.
I remember eating my dinner during that evening and wondering if perhaps I tried again, I could still visit this fantastical place? Maybe next time I would be allowed access. It could be a simple case of saying the magic password? But I don't think I ever tried again. I must have got distracted with my Barbie Star Traveller or another Christmas film.
Funny all the things you believe when you are young and life is still fresh and fascinating. Although believe me, I still have days when I'd like to disappear in my wardrobe!
Well, on New Year's Eve 2015 my sister-in-law made this all possible. Okay it was more of a clothes rail than a wardrobe, but at 42 years of age, I'll take that as a substitute.
There was also a lamp post, a lion, and half men, half beasts.
And I, ladies and gentlemen, was the witch witch.
Happy new year to you all! Let's make it a good 'un.

Through the wardrobe.

Welcome to Narnia.

The hosts.

Look who we met by the lamp post.

Aslam. (Looking after our food.)

Mark and I. Incidentally, I won the prize for the best dressed, a box of sweets. Unfortunately I left it behind. Don't you hate it when that happens.

Tommy and Bella thinking about entering the wardrobe. I know the feeling, Tommy!

He's gone.

And he's back. I wonder if he visited another time and place? Alas, he's too young to tell. I like to think that he did.


a writing place said...

What a delightful party!!!! Your sister in law is amazing!

And you were gorgeous! Of course you won the prize for the best dressed!

So lovely that the children were also invited.

What a splendid way, to ring in the New Year.

And your childhood memory is delightful, too.

Gentle hugs...

The World According To Me said...

It was brilliant, and yes my sister in law is amazing, she went to some much trouble.

It was indeed lovely also spending it with the children.

Happy New Year!