Friday, 8 January 2016

The Olive Branch

Right, I'm going to go back into time.
"Oh goody," you may be thinking. For you may be a lover of time travel and nostalgia.
Perhaps you would like me to whizz this post to the swinging 60's, or the groovy 70's?
Or would you rather go way back into the last century, where the world was an entirely different place?
Your era preference may be long ago England. When horses replaced motor cars, the poor were very poor and the wealthy dressed to impress, with servants at their side.
Well I hate to disappoint you, if the above was indeed what you had in mind.
I'm going back to...last month. The merry month of December. My mother's birthday weekend to be precise. We visited the Cotswolds and I have yet to write about it.
Mark and I decided to treat my mum, and dad (and ourselves in the process!) to a night at cosy guest house in a beautiful part of the country. We wanted her to know how much we appreciate all she does for us and Tommy.
And we knew just the place.

The Olive Branch.

Situated in the charming village of Broadway.

After browsing around the village, we visited its neighbour, Burlington. And stopped for a hot chocolate and toasted tea cake.

We stocked up on Christmas presents.

Admired the quaint shops.

Tommy had great fun walking with daddy.

Then we headed back to our room, to freshen up for dinner.

Dinner was at local country pub.

Tommy couldn't decide whether to have fish fingers or sausages.

I had burger and chips.

After a very enjoyable night, we retired to our rooms to watch telly in bed. Until our alarms reminded us it was time for breakfast. In adorable breakfast room.

What a glorious start to the day.

Then off we popped to Burton-on-the-water, another pretty village. We fed the ducks and ambled around until it was time to say goodbye to the Cotswolds. Hopefully we will come back soon.


a writing place said...

Oh sighhhhhh... What a delightful place(s) for a holiday!!! I'm sure your mum and dad, fully appreciated the weekend. Who wouldn't?

Oh my, oh my, oh my... Living there, you have no idea how someone (not living there), loves all, about the English country side. Oh my, oh my, oh my! Thank you for sharing this visit, with us!!!!!

And I am happy to have introduced you to "Blogging without Obligation"!!! Her delightful idea (and 'buttons' for our blogs) have been around, over here, since 2007. Don't remember when I found them. But I am very happy to pass the 'word' on.

Don't we all succumb to some sort of blogging angst, now and then? And we know we shouldn't. But it helps, to realize that others, understand. :-)

Gentle hugs,
From across the pond.

The World According To Me said...

Happy to oblige! Seriously, love hearing how much you appreciate the English countryside. May I ask how far across the pond you are? Always interested and love knowing more about, who has taken the time out to read my blog.
I've clicked on 'blogging without obligation' and yes we do succumb and it's good to hear that we don't necessarily have to!

a writing place said...

I live in the NE of the US. In New York State. If one draws a line ("as the crow flies") from Montreal Canada on the north, down to New York City, on the south, we live about 1/2 way between those 2 big cities. A bit north of half way between.

A small city. Near the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. So we have lots of greenery around us. And our country is lovely and varied. But England is lovely and has so much more history.

Which of course, leaves so many more delightful old places, to find and enjoy. I love, love, love the look of old English villages. And really old homes, etc. with the original beams and all.

Oh no! Blogging is best, when it is totally fun! And putting duties on it, certainly takes away some of the fun. :-)

Many gentle hugs to you...

bazzie said...

Looks like a lovely place..never been to the Cotswolds. I just espied your blog on my bookmarks, so thought I'd take a peek after all this time :) Happy New Year!

The World According To Me said...

A writing place, thanks for the description and location. Sounds like a decent place to live.
I'm a massive fan of old homes and beams too. I don't do modern!

The World According To Me said...

Bazzie, good to hear from you! Trust all is well? Are you still attending camera club I wonder?

bazzie said...

Chris still goes to the club. I couldn't face them any more!