Friday, 15 January 2016

The next chapter

Finally, Tommy was asleep in his fire engine bed.
I slowly crept out his bedroom (mindful not to step on and set off any noisy toys in the process), silently closed the door, and rushed down the stairs to prepare.
I hoped he was dreaming of fire engines and chocolate cake (his two favourite things), blissfully unaware of the big day ahead.
Meanwhile, I carefully wrote his name in his red gloves, scarf and hat, and his new blue and red coat. Not forgetting his fur-lined boots and his monkey shaped rucksack.
Next I rolled up his spare clothes, cursing myself for falling for the monkey bag and not buying a practical, spacious, carrier.
It was a tight squeeze, but I managed to cram it all in. Phew.
I gazed at the email from the nursery, checking all was present and complete, and tried to imagine him playing in his new surroundings.
It was finally the night before the big day ahead. I was apprehensive but excited for him.
Tommy is now two and Mark and I both agreed it would be beneficial for him to interactive with other children, plus release my mum two mornings a week.
A near by nursery was recommended by a friend, the premises were inspected by the three of us, and a joining date was booked in the diary.
And I can confirm, Tommy's first two days were a success. He made cakes, danced to music whilst ringing a bell, played in the pretend kitchen, and kicked a ball in the garden. I booked the mornings off work to supervise and settle him.
On the second day I was brave and left him alone for an hour, well I watched him on CTV camera in the staff room.
I proudly watched my little boy laughing and smiling with the other children and pushing the fire engine around the wooden floor. How could he not be happy when there was a new fire engine to play with?!
My mum collected us on both days, as will be the norm from now on, and a very tired Tommy climbed in my mum's car. On the first day, he was so exhausted that he slept on my mum's sofa for three hours! Probably dreaming about fire engines and chocolate cake.
Welcome to the next chapter of your life, little Tommy T. I May yours days be full of joy and adventure.

In the nursery garden with car.

He made a friend by the shed.

Merrily pushing along.


a writing place said...

Happy, for all... He is having fun. Grandmum is getting time off. Everyone is happy. :-)

Annnd... I have never watched Downton Abbey either! I love sets. I love costumes. But I did not want to subject myself, to story line pain/angst... Which has to be part of a long series.

Another Dear Reader, said she didn't watch either. And I suggested we start a "Club"... "Those Few Who Did Not Watch D.A." Now we could be 3. :-)

A Joyful Cottage said...

Tommy is adorable. Seems like such a sweet boy. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving th nice comment. xo

The World According To Me said...

Welcome to FPE, A Joyful Cottage!

Thanks for your comments re Tommy. We think he's kind of cute, but we're bias!

The World According To Me said...

I'll join your club, A Writing Place! Us non-viewers have to stick together!

Amel said...

AWWWWWWWW...must've been quite an experience for you, Nikki, to watch him from the CTV. :-)

The World According To Me said...

Hi Amel

It was strange watching him on camera, but great watching him play.