Tuesday, 29 December 2015

My selection of Christmas moments

Here they are folks, my selection of Christmas moments from 2015.
I hope you all had a magical time under the Christmas tree, swapping presents, wearing Christmas jumpers, and all the other traditions this time of the year brings.
As usual I've eaten too many chocolate snowmen, played Christmas songs far too loud, and adored spending time with my family.
And watching Tommy's excited face has made my heart want to burst with joy.

Let me start at the beginning.

Every December the Christmas pudding bowls are extracted from the cupboards.

The tree is brought down from the loft. Still a mini one until we move to a bigger house.

Each year I like to buy a new decoration. This year my dear godmother bought me a set of French baubles to hang on our tree. We all spent a lovely day together, browsing in antique shops and eating a Sunday roast. I like the fact the decorations will always remind me of this day in 2015.

The snowman keeps track of the date for us.

Can you spot the Father Christmas in a jar? Another memory from 2015, a weekend spent in the Cotswolds.

Xmas Eve, Tommy eating a chocolate Father Christmas and watching a Christmas film.

The night before Christmas. Knitted stocking full of small toys. The hessian sack stuffed with presents. The Elf door near the wooden advent train. Father Christmas and his elf helper have been very busy!

He's been! His face says it all.

Fire engines. He can't get enough of them!

A brand new tradition - Bucks Fizz for breakfast. With giant crumpets.

Patiently waiting to open presents at nanny and grandpa's house.

For the second year, I made the Christmas crackers and collected the inside gifts, Silent Night in a match box and Mulled Wine in a match box to name just a couple.

Boxing Day is a sit down meal at our house. Love setting the table.

And decorating the dessert.

Hope you all had a fabulous time. With old and new traditions. See you in 2016!


a writing place said...

Your son is precious. And such a patient little guy... Waiting for opening of presents, at his grandmother/grandfather's house. That is not easy, for a child.

(upper NE of US)

The World According To Me said...

Hi and welcome to Flying Pink Elephants!

He was patient, not sure how long that will last though?!