Saturday, 21 November 2015

Happy ever after

It's easy to be swept away with wedding preparations; the scheme, the details, the drama. So often, for a few moments, brides forget the real reason behind the big day; the vows, the commitment, the happy ever after.
I speak from experience because I remember, oh so clearly, planning our wedding. Agonising over shades of green and lilac, obsessing with finding the exact lace cupcake holder.
But who could blame a girl for wanting the perfect day? The one opportunity she may have to create (and spend) to her heart's content. And let's be frank, most girls dream about their wedding day from a very young age - the day their Prince Charming rescues them from their ivory tower. Or something like that.
Apart from the vows, I think the ultimate important factor to the day is all your family and friends together. Because this can be harder than it sounds with so many of us living busy lives, perhaps miles apart from each other.
It's a wonderful time to gather all family and friends and celebrate. Goodness knows this world can be a harsh place, we all need something to celebrate once in a while. To smile, laugh, dance and cheer.
Let's raise a glass and say, "Three cheers to weddings!"
Especially the one Mark and I enjoyed last weekend.

The memorable day.

Husband and wife.

Rose petals.

Let's not forget those who can't be with us. Sadly the bride's mother lost her battle with cancer a couple of years ago.

The props were very popular at the table.

My man.

Loved dessert.

That's us!

Let's all spread some...


Amel said...

Ahhh...I love weddings! :-) The props have been used in Indo weddings, as well (though I've never been to one like that as they only started doing it after I moved to Finland), but I can imagine their being popular with the guests he he...

Sorry to hear that the bride's mother has passed away, but glad to know they did that in her honor.

The World According To Me said...

Interesting to hear the props have been used in Indo weddings. I've never seen them at such occasions before, and yes they were very popular with the guests. I think they were a great idea as they encouraged us all to take pictures and made us laugh in the process.

I agree, it was a thoughtful touch to do that in her honour.