Thursday, 17 September 2015

The demise of Betty B

For a long time now, I have been lost and fulfilled in my little magazine publishing world.
Treasure hunting, car racing, beauty products, and engineering and technology. It's been diverse, weird, and wonderful.
I'm still dipping my toes and burying my head in the engineering and technology sector. Alas, due to company cut-backs, it's not as frequent.
Then along came academic books. Which is just as well really, as I could have been heading towards the R word (redundancy, I don't like to say it out loud, too many bad memories).
They're not books one would find perched on the shelves of WHSmith's top ten fiction/non-fiction. They are certainly not books recommended by Richard and Judy's book club. But I am proud to be part of them.
Granted, a lot of the time I am bewildered by the equations and formulas. Professors and lecturers are now authors, and I like to think I've played my part in their journey.
The other day, a very important author emailed me to thank me for my assistance and admitted how excited he was with regards to the progress of his book.
His excitement shone through his words, and I was pretty pleased for him. We'd had numerous email communication with reference to choosing images for his front cover, plus the essential proof reading of his chapters.
Who would have thought that, little old me, would play such a vital character in an author's front cover and chosen words? I would say it's been a privilege. One I've actually received a payment for!
And maybe, just maybe, it's all crucial to that fate thing. Because as well as following my company style sheets, I am swotting over copy editing books. Therefore, I feel I could be sitting in a far better position with publishing my own book one day.
Hopefully, this has provided me with a sparkling opportunity I should grab with eager, sweaty, hands and run off into the moonlight with.
Or the kick up the bottom I needed to remind myself,
I must allow extra time for writing that bestseller.
Either way, it's a win/fingers crossed win situation; I get to keep a job I rather like, with improvements. Improvements I thoroughly appreciate, enjoy, and can learn from.
Not bad for a day's work.

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Amel said...

LOVE the tone of this post, Nikki. Indeed your work will help you a great deal in creating your book. And I'm ready to share it with the world, too! Crossing my fingers for you!